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Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 at 5:12 PM

I can remember sitting in front of the TV as a 7-year-old, watching Tina Fey on the “Weekend Update” segment of “Saturday Night Live” and thinking, “I want to be HER when I grow up!”  

While I was determined to be the next person on SNL to say, “Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow,” I am a terrible performer; I laugh every time the camera starts rolling. Instead, I took my love of broadcast and combined it with a developed love of writing. 

I joined every newspaper staff I could find: in grade school, I anonymously ran an advice column; in high school, I wrote cheesy stories about how Michelle Obama took away our tater tots; and in college, I found my place writing long-form stories about the state of the university, in addition to album reviews and such. 

After dabbling as an education major for two years, I realized I wasn’t going to school for what I wanted — or what I was good at. I switched majors to journalism and public relations, and immediately knew I’d made the right decision. Although I had written for the paper my entire college career anyways, I immersed myself in journalism and the paper.  

I went to the newspaper meetings, made new friends, and saw a definite improvement in my writing. My passion mainly lies in music journalism: writing album reviews, interviewing artists, and writing about music news. 

More recently, I’ve been trying my hand at concert photography, and this semester alone have shot artists such as Against Me!, Julien Baker, and The Maine.  

Now, I’m applying to grad schools to pursue a master’s degree in a journalism-related program. This, all from a girl who was almost too afraid to change her major a year and a half ago.  

While I think I always knew deep down I would end up in a journalism field, I still doubted myself. I didn’t think I was good enough to be successful at something that was merely a hobby in high school and part of college. Finally, after breaking out of my shell, I feel comfortable trying to contact artists and managers and asking if I can shoot their shows, and more importantly, interviewing them. It’s where I feel most at home.  

Now, I feel confident in my writing abilities and (mainly) my future. Although I don’t know if a career in music journalism is necessarily in the cards for me since it’s an extremely difficult field to get into, I know I’ll be happy writing mostly anything.  

I’ve had incredible mentors who have helped me hone my writing, and I’m so excited to put those skills to good use once I graduate from Edinboro in the spring.  

Dakota Palmer can be reached at

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