National Voter Education Week activities being held all week

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Monday, October 5th, 2020 at 1:36 PM
National Voter Education Week activities being held all week by Aaron Pilgrim

National Voter Education Week is here to get us all prepared for Election Day, which falls on Nov. 3 this year. 

The celebration is described as a “nonpartisan digital voter education campaign that equips voters with the tools, information, and confidence they need to cast their ballots." 

Events are taking place all week (all livestreamed on social platforms), and you can find the schedule here. 

According to a National Voter Education Week graphic, you can expect the following on each day:

— Monday, viewers will make sure they are ready to vote by becoming registered. 

— Tuesday, the topic of discussion will be whether or not viewers are ready to vote by mail. 

— Wednesday, it will be about teaching voters how to make a plan to vote on Election Day, instead of winging it and falling short of their goal to vote.

— Thursday’s event will show how to check out your ballot before you cast your vote. 

— Finally, Friday voters will learn how to level up their voting engagement.

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