New course hosts inaugural disc golf tournament

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Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 at 5:44 PM
New course hosts inaugural disc golf tournament by Erica Burkholder
Photo: Kelly Staschak

Edinboro University’s disc golf course had its inaugural tournament Saturday with the Edinboro Royal Stewart Open Drive by Innova.

The tournament was maxed out with the highest amount of players being allowed. 

“I knew that the course was going to be fun to play and that word was going to get out that there was a new course and avid players are always looking to play new courses,” J. Gary Dropcho, the tournament director and one of the course designers, said.

The competition, which featured two rounds, took hours to complete. The amateur master’s bracket went into a playoff round with Edinboro professor Tim Thompson and Joseph Johnson Sr. playing for the championship.Thompson won with a birdie. 

The tournament attracted all ages and experience levels, with Edinboro’s very own Carson Smith placing sixth out of 16 in the recreational category in his first Professional Disc Golf Association competition. 

“I could have played a little bit better, but I’m not unhappy with the way I played. I shot a 69 for both rounds, which is a few strokes over the course par,” Smith said. “It wasn’t terrible, but I could have played a little bit better.” 

He continued: “The course was great. It’s not all the way where it needs to be yet, but for the most part everyone’s done a great job. All the guys that [have] been involved with it: Thompson, Dropcho, Dave Goodwill of C.O.R.E. ... they’ve done a great job.” 

Competitors found the course appropriately challenging and at times frustrating. Dropcho, one of the participants, explained some of the course’s biggest challenges.

“Lots of folks thought hole nine was difficult, [but I] think it’s just the out-of-bounds between the green, basket and tee that’s eating a lot of people’s shots. Hole three was giving some people trouble,” he said. “On the Highlands, the back nine, people were talking about hole 16 and I heard some things about the frog pond hole on 13.” 

Patrick Graziani won the advanced category, while Zach Trdinich won the intermediate category, Tim Rastetter took first in the recreational category and Matthew Lienemann won the novice division. 

On the women’s side, Nikki Merrifield won the intermediate category. Emily Brendlinger, Darla Spade and Danielle Mitchell were the only competitors in the recreational, novice and junior categories, respectively.

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