New parking rules are better for some but worse for others

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Thursday, February 28th, 2019 at 9:09 AM

Erica Burkholder

Edinboro University students recently received an email announcing changes in parking for students. Students are now allowed to park in any student parking lot, as long as they have a valid parking permit regardless of the lots’ designation. Before the change, there were three types of student parking: Resident, for those that live on campus (Green), for those that live off campus within a certain distance (the boundary marked in the map to the right, Gold) and Commuter (Blue) for those that live off campus. Previously, if students with a particular permit were in the wrong lot, they received a ticket. 

I, as a resident, was really happy with the change, and my friends that have resident or green/gold passes are happy with the change. 

I’m the type of person that is constantly late. So, having a resident parking pass used to mean that when I was running late, I would have to park in the Lakeside Lot and then walk up to Compton (where all my classes are), which would add to the time it took me to get to class.  

This change not only affects students that have classes in Compton, but art students with a green or gold pass. Often, I would see art students lugging their portfolios from the lakeside lot to Loveland or Doucette. In addition, any student that has classes on this side of campus and didn’t have a blue pass would have to park in lakeside and walk up, unless they parked in the limited parking by the road. 

When the university announced the gold pass, at the beginning of last semester for students that lived in nearby off-campus housing, there were complaints and conversations about it for weeks, and now it seems that the university has realized that the gold pass might not have been the best idea or pulled off in the best way. 

As someone who spends a decent amount of time off-campus in student apartments, I’ve noticed that not all students who should have had gold passes do. There is a decent mix of blue and gold passes at a friend’s apartment when there should only be gold passes. Two of my friends who live in the same apartment have two different passes, one has a gold pass and the other a blue pass. The one with the gold pass had to completely register their car and address, while the other with the blue pass just had to re-register their car. 

The use of the newly introduced gold pass, along with the fact that resident, green, parking and gold parking was so scattered from buildings on campus, makes this change beneficial for us. 

Anisa Venner-Johnston

After the email announcing the change in parking, at first I was fine. I was excited! I could park almost anywhere and get away with it.

 I had racked up so many tickets, my bank account couldn’t handle it, but as a commuter student, I had to park somewhere. It was really hard to find a place to put my car. It often left me parking very far away or even in the wrong place. The latter resulted in those tickets and being marked tardy.

However, since the change, my parking situation has gotten worse. It hasn’t made anything easier, and I would prefer for things to change, again. 

The biggest issue I have with the change is residents. Students who live on-campus are driving a quarter of a mile and taking up all the spots. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it makes competing with other commuters hard. 

Students who live on-campus have the luxury of living so close to their school. They are closer to their professors, activities, buildings and everything else Edinboro University has to offer.

I don’t have such luck. I live in Edinboro, which makes my life a little bit easier. However, I don’t live close, like students in College Park. I live about two miles away. This is not a convenient walk. It is a miserable one. It’s a 30-minute walk back to campus, instead of a 10-minute one back to a dorm. 

Edinboro should go back to the bad parking situation it had before. Residents shouldn’t be able to park wherever they see fit when they live 100 feet away. 

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