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Thursday, February 14th, 2019 at 9:07 AM

Rep. Ryan Bizzaro funds Esports

On Feb. 4 in Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously adopted H.R. 66, designating February 2019 as “Esports Month” in Pennsylvania, per the resolution’s prime sponsor, local state Rep. Ryan Bizzarro (D-Erie).

Bizzaro stated in a press release: “There’s a revolution going on in the video gaming industry, which has become a competitive, spectator sport with a global following and billion-dollar revenues…projections are that this exploding industry will have a global audience of 600 million by the end of 2020.

“Here in the commonwealth, we’re already seeing opportunities in the form of successful franchises, athletes and college programs, such as the one planned for Edinboro University. There’s already a well-established national collegiate esports association, and commentators believe leagues could become as popular as traditional college sports.”

He continued: “In the education field alone, esports offers so many potential benefits for the commonwealth — it’s a way for colleges to boost admissions, a way schools can tie into traditional computer programming and animation courses, and a way to provide high school kids with scholarship opportunities. Beyond that, it’s a burgeoning industry that is sparking technological innovation and jobs. But Pennsylvania needs to be ready.”

Bizzarro mentioned in a press release that he is doing all he can, within his power, to spread the word on esports.

The outcome was adopted by a vote of 194-0. 

Erie Historical Society introduces new education center

On Feb. 6, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Erie County Historical Society, 338 W. 6 St., introducing the new education center.   

The center can be found in the Wood-Morrison House, which is east of the Watson-Curtze Museum.  

The education center offers exhibits on the first floor, as well as classrooms on the second floor. The first-floor features exhibits on Dr. William Wood, first surgeon general of the Navy, along with Captain William Morrison, last captain of the USS Wolverine and first superintendent of Presque Isle State Park. 

On the second floor of the education center, there are three classrooms for educational opportunities for school children and teacher training. 

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