Normal Street, not normal

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Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 at 9:45 PM

Normal Street is a problem.

As a main thoroughfare for both the admissions department and commuter parking the continual construction and dismal road conditions are less than ideal, considering the amount of traffic the road sees on any given day.

Academy Hall is the oldest building on campus, and houses the undergraduate admissions office.  Located on Normal St., Academy Hall serves as the starting point for prospective students.  This is often their first impression of our institution; however with frequent detours it may not be easily accessed, particularly by those unfamiliar with the area.

According to the Edinboro University website, 70 percent of the university’s 5,595 undergraduate students do not live on campus.  This means congestion of, or an abrupt closure of Normal St. can greatly alter the schedule of nearly 4,000 students that require access to the designated commuter parking lots on the front half of the university.  And when the once paved, but now mostly loose gravel, route is open to motorists conditions are not much better.  The awkward dance of opposing traffic around patches and potholes is not how many would choose to start or end their day.

That is not to say that there have not been benefits to the Normal St. construction project.  The newly renovated sidewalks and addition of walk signs at the intersection of Meadville St. and Normal St. have improved the flow of pedestrian traffic in the area, while allowing a more accessible route to the downtown Edinboro area.  Unfortunately, this has come at the expense of the visitors, faculty and students that use Normal St. on a daily basis. 

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