Our Viewpoint: Trump v (President) Trump

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Thursday, April 14th, 2016 at 11:31 AM
Our Viewpoint: Trump v (President) Trump by The Spectator

 As the election draws near and Americans brawl through intense Facebook skirmishes in defense of their beloved candidates; the media continues to grow.  The 2016 Presidential race has certainly served a distinct platter of popularity and diversity, yet the public is always hearing that name. Yeah you already know where this is going. Trump.

Many Americans have been wooed and awestruck by this middle aged business man, however even the big fish that fear the name still give it recognition. But why? Is it all in the name of business? Even when Trump is given negative recognition on national television for his political incorrectness; the ratings for that news provider skyrocket, thus making more money for that media outlet. This election is far different than anything this country has ever seen because even those that buy into campaigning against Trump are still feeding the mouth that spits at them. It’s similar to wearing a pin that might say “Dump Trump” because even though the message is anti-Trump it still targets the easily persuaded which means that even those that don’t know much about politics could potentially be swayed by the pin for the reason that it’s all anyone focuses on so why not vote for him? Which is why it’s crucial that every voter be educated on the candidates, so they don’t end up voting for someone just because of his or her popularity whether it be positive or negative. This political gambit is nothing less than primitively complex.

This individual, this Trump, this businessman is so popular because of his well known charisma. It’s seems as if he’s become the equivalent to a hype man at a concert. He simply riles people up and everyone loves it. Tyler Early -- a sophomore at Edinboro doesn’t even see Trump as a politician. “I see Trump as a celebrity” says Earley. Herein, lies the correlation between a great public speaker that has propelled himself into politics based upon his rich celebrity background that seems to almost give some voters refuge. Dr. Esposito described Trump as “striking a core” among disgruntled Americans, which is why  Esposito says “the Republican debates are less formal” due to Trump’s lack of self control.

The entire situation is almost disheartening because as our country continues to consider Trump, the rest of the world mocks American politics and criticizes the United States for its political discourse.. Germany’s top magazine Der Spiegel recently published an edition of Trump on their front cover draped by a burning American flag with the title “Madness,” and below that a caption calling him a “rabble rouser.” It’s clear that Trump has upset the commonfolk overseas with his lavish carelessness, yet voters continue to support the “Madness.” The infatuation among those that are easily awed by entertainment has crippled modern day politics, so could it be that Americans are literally (what Neil Postman would say) “amusing themselves to death?”

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