Overheard debates: How you should drink your coffee

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Thursday, January 24th, 2019 at 9:15 AM

There are many debates overheard in the Spectator office. Recently, two staffers — Nathan Brennan, of the arts section, and Anisa Venner-Johnston, part of the social media team — fought about coffee, how you should drink it and what chain coffee places are the best. 

How do you prepare your morning drip coffee?

A: If my drip coffee doesn’t have a flavor to it, then I’ll add a teaspoon of creamer and a half a teaspoon of sugar. If it is flavored, I’ll just add a splash of creamer.

N: Flavored or unflavored, I usually add about two packets of sweetener and a packet of creamer. If I don’t do this, it is virtually undrinkable.

What is your preferred type of coffee?

A: My favorite is probably espresso or an americano. They are both basically shots of pure coffee, and I’m not a fan of adding dairy. The more milk you add to the coffee, the worse it tastes. You might as well be drinking milk flavored coffee. 

N: I don’t get it often, but I love Affogato. The ice cream is a great pairing with the coffee, and it tastes like heaven. Other than that, I like iced cappuccinos and macchiatos, preferably with added caramel shots.

How should iced coffee be prepared?

A: Iced coffee should always be flavored. No cream or sugar; just flavored coffee over ice. 

N: It needs sugar in it, for sure. Otherwise, it’s just cold garbage water. 

What is your opinion on caffeinated tea drinkers?

A: I think that if you’re going to drink caffeinated tea, you might as well drink coffee. I don’t know if there are different health benefits associated with drinking tea over coffee, or coffee over tea, but you might as well drink coffee. 

N: I don’t like it.

What’s the best chain to get coffee from?

A: The best place to get coffee is Dunkin’. Even though they add too much cream and sugar, you can ask for less, and they still taste just as good, unlike Tim Hortons’ coffee.

N: This is where our opinions diverge. I, for one, am a diehard Tim Hortons fan. Ever wonder why I have a love for iced cappuccinos? The reason is my dear Mr. Hortons. When I went to Canada over the summer, the whole Toronto area was filled with Tim Hortons, and I was in paradise. 

Ansia Venner-Johnston | edinboro.spectator@gmail.com

Nathan Brennan | ae.spectator@gmail.com

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