Overheard debates: The Mueller Investigation

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Wednesday, February 6th, 2019 at 11:25 PM

There are many debates overheard in the Spectator office. This discussion is one of the more hard-hitting going on around the office, with our two sides agreeing more so here than they usually do. 

How updated are you on the Mueller investigation?  

Nathan Brennan: I believe I’m fairly updated on the Mueller investigation. While it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the news these days, due to the sheer amount of headlines floating around, I try my best to stay up-to-date with the investigation.

Anisa Venner-Johnston: Like Nathan, I think I’m up to date on the investigation. It does involve a ton of legal and political jargon, which for the average American can be hard to understand some times, but studying politics and preparing for law school helps a lot.

Do you think it’s important? Why?

NB: I think it is of the utmost importance that this investigation be allowed to continue until it is finished. If anyone tampers with the democratic institutions our country is built on, such as our election system, they need to be held accountable. If it ends up that Trump did not collude, that’s great. Let’s get back to trying to mend the wounds of the past election. But if something did happen, it must be brought to light.

AVJ: I strongly believe that the people have a right to know what is going on. As a nation, we should be eager to know who our country is working with, and who our president and his teams are working with. We should know how it affects us, and what we should expect to come in the future. If we know a government official is lying to us, we as citizens should find that a pressing matter. 

Do you think it’s gone on too long or not long enough? Why?

NB: Investigations aren’t brief affairs, so I’m not surprised that it has gone on as long as it has. However, I will say that for the sake of trying to keep the country together, it should probably wrap up fairly soon.

AVJ: This isn’t a one day, in and out complication. We need to take the time to work these things out. As I said before, the jargon alone is hard enough for the average American to understand. Think about it from a legal standpoint; one new fact, or piece of evidence, or confession can change the game. 

Do your political opinions affect your thoughts?

NB: I try to let it not affect my thoughts. As a Democrat, the thought of a Republican challenger possibly colluding with Russia makes my blood boil. As a journalist, thought, I try not to rush to judgment on any particular news until I know the objective truth. It’s a difficult conundrum, but it’s one I must deal with in due time.

AVJ: I consider myself a humanitarian. I try to focus on my moral and ethical compasses, however I think most people would classify me as a leftist. I don’t think my personal opinion on certain topics come into play here. The point is: we were lied to, and this investigation has brought up bigger problems, and that is something all Americans should be concerned about, NOT just leftists. 

Would you feel the same if it was somebody you support (Trump or someone else)?

NB: I would absolutely feel the same. Regardless of your political beliefs, any alleged “collusion” with other countries to give yourself an unfair advantage is unacceptable. If anyone, a Democrat, Republican or anyone else is suspected of the aforementioned crimes, I would not object to a thorough investigation like the Mueller investigation.

AVJ: Again, this is a national issue, not a bipartisan issue. Playing dirty isn’t something that should be swept under the rug, and I don’t care who is in office.  

The end of the investigation has been predicted as happening soon; should Mueller’s report be made public?

NB: I think the report should be made public. I mean, the investigation has been making headlines ever since it began, so whatever comes of the investigation, the public should be made aware. 

AVJ: I think that Mueller’s reports should be made public. I am a strong believer on keeping people updated and letting the people be informed. I don’t think that hiding things from the public is going to help the situation, but instead add gasoline to the fire. We have a nation that is so anti-Russia, but also Pro-Trump, I think that the release of the report will possibly change their opinions. 

Is your opinion of a new attorney general influenced by whether or not they would publish the report?

NB: In a perfect world, the selection of an attorney general wouldn’t be influenced by any presidential politics. However, just like any other overly politicized positions, this will likely be the case. Of course, as I’ve said, I’d like to see the investigation results be made public. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’ll happen since the administration in the White House is the one being investigated. 

AVJ: I hope the new attorney general will push for the release of the findings. However, like Nathan said, we are living in a world were everything is politicized and I believe that Trump will push for the report to not be released. After seeing so many people under the Trump administration leave, if i was attorney general, I would be caught between a rock and a hard place. Do I keep the people informed, or do I please the president, don’t get ostracized by him and keep my job? In the end, I would inform the people. 

If no evidence is found of Trump colluding with Russia, was it worth it?

NB: It would be worth it. If the years of instigation turn up nothing, then the American people can rest easy at night knowing that we exhausted our efforts to try to find the truth. 

AVJ: There is nothing wrong with informing the people. As citizens, our politicians, the people we elect, say they will do right by us. However, we know they hide things and do things without our knowledge. It’s not right. Knowledge is power and maybe they don’t want to release the report because they’re afraid of people who have knowledge, and thus, power. 

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