Parker Middle School teacher spreads positive messages in February

Category:  News
Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 at 9:11 PM

“Don’t underestimate yourself.”

“You’re a real gem.”

Students at James W. Parker Middle School arrived last week to find positive phrases like these posted on their lockers in the form of red, pink and white hearts.

A female teacher at the school, who wishes to remain anonymous, started the project on Jan. 27 aimed at lifting students up throughout the month of February. The teacher is writing inspirational and positive phrases on the locker of every student. 

Her goal is for every locker to have one by Feb. 13, she said. The school has 662 students, so the teacher made 725 hearts to be sure each student receives one.

“These kids just need something to brighten their day sometimes. This time of the year can be hard on them,” she said. “I’m sprinkling as many as I can without getting caught.”

The teacher so far has posted the hearts on all seventh and eighth grade lockers assigned to students.

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