Parking pass price increases, campus police discuss why

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Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 at 9:10 PM
Parking pass price increases, campus police discuss why by Logan Lilly
An Edinboro student stacks yearly parking passes atop one another. The price of a parking pass increased this year, rising to $60. | Photo by Paige Koenig

Returning students may have noticed a difference this year when purchasing a parking pass for campus. And it’s a change that might not make their wallets happy.

The price of parking passes this year doubled in cost from the previous year. Last year, the price of buying a parking pass was $30 and this year it rose to $60 to park on campus. Edinboro University Chief of Police, Angela Vincent, said the increase was a way to cover costs at the police station.

“An increase in decal cost, software, staffing and maintenance required that we evaluate the best way to cover these costs,” Vincent said. “Additionally, a comparison of parking costs with other universities, as well as other PASSHE institutions, revealed that we were and still are well below the average in parking fees.”

Compared to other schools in the area, Edinboro University’s parking fee is more affordable. Student parking at Allegheny College in Meadville, for example, is $150 for the year. Parking on campus at Penn State Behrend in Erie sets back students $280 for the year. Finally, fellow PASSHE schools: Clarion University charges $150 annually to park on campus and Indiana University of Pennsylvania sets their students back $475 a year to park in their on campus parking garage.

Despite the price of parking doubling, Vincent stated that the station has not seen a significant difference in the number of people purchasing parking passes. “There has not been any noticeable decrease in parking passes registered on campus this year. We are still in the early stages of issuing decals so an accurate count is difficult at this time. We have had a very steady flow of individuals receiving their decals, which is standard,” Vincent stated.

Dottie Noel, first year graduate student in the communication studies program, stated that the increase in price went into her consideration before purchasing a parking pass this year. “It was definitely on my pros and cons list,” Noel said.

Additionally, Vincent has also stated that the police station hasn’t received any major criticism on the increased price. “We have received very few complaints from individuals regarding the increase. There have been some questions, but these are not so much complaints as they are inquiries,” Vincent said.

While the increase in price is still below that of other PASSHE schools, the concern for further increases weighs on the mind of students.

“I don’t know if I would say it’s too expensive, but I’m curious as to why there was a $30 increase from last year,” Noel said. “If they continue to double the price every year, it definitely will be become too expensive fast.”

Vincent said that at the current moment there are not plans to increase the price further and that the goal of the station is “to maintain services for as low a cost to students as feasibly possible.”

Last year alone Edinboro campus police handled around 4,000 parking violations. Vincent stated, “this number includes those violators that were given warnings, those that filed appeals in which the tickets were voided or reduced to warnings, as well as those that were written in error and voided.”

Parking passes can be registered online and picked up from the campus police station or purchased at the station itself. 

Logan Lilly is the Editor-In-Chief of The Spectator. He can be reached at

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