Quidditch comes to Edinboro

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Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 at 5:24 PM

Edinboro students and members of the community gathered to play two games of muggle quidditch on Sept. 30. The chilly Saturday was part of the Potterfest celebrations.

The biggest difference between quidditch in the Harry Potter realm and muggle quidditch is that the latter is, of course, not played in the air on brooms. The only people who have brooms are the “seekers,” as the brooms are used to identify them and give the person acting as the “snitch” a chance to run. The beaters use normal balls as “bludgers” and when hit, you must stop what you are doing and touch one of your team’s goals. Chasers use a deflated ball to score.

The group of people was split into two teams, red and blue. The first game was dominated by the blue team, as the they led 8-4 when the snitch was caught. The teams went through some changes as some players left and others joined in. The second game was much closer, with a single point separating the teams at 7-6, when the blue team caught the snitch again.

Edinboro student and quidditch player, Chris Persinger, started playing quidditch his freshman year. He jokingly revealed his favorite memory was winning all the games, but then clarified that his best memory was being able to teach kids and get them more involved in the event. He plays the game because his brother introduced him to Harry Potter as a child, and he thinks it’s a fun time.

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