Residence hall alcohol policy loosened for students 21+

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Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 at 9:15 PM

According to Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Stacie Wolbert, Edinboro University has instituted a new on-campus alcohol policy. Students over the age of 21 who live in on-campus housing are now allowed to have alcohol under 14% concentration in their possession.

You are not permitted to have alcohol at parties, which the university defines as having more than five people gathered. Drinking games are also not permitted. Other actions banned include: drinking to the point of physical illness, “shot-gunning” alcohol, beer bongs, consumption of alcohol directly from larger containers (growlers, 40-ounce bottles), and keeping empty bottles or containers as collections.

In addition, kegs are prohibited.

The exact volume limit a resident can possess is 144 fluid ounces of a carbonated and malt beverage or 3 liters of wine.   

All limitations are detailed in the university’s “Policy on Alcoholic Beverages” (policy number A001), which was updated and newly signed by Edinboro President Dr. Guiyou Huang on Jan. 10. 

The university reserves the right to remove these privileges for individuals who break the rules in any way. 

Alcohol also can’t be visible except when being transported to and from the rooms, and can’t be stored or used in common spaces where individuals under the age of 21 have access to it (kitchen, lobby, gathering rooms). 

This information was relayed to on-campus residents during their floor meetings the week of Feb. 3.

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