Review: 42 Dugg — Young and Turnt 2

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Monday, April 6th, 2020 at 1:01 PM

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists all over the world are releasing music earlier than expected, giving fans something new to listen to during this crisis. That was the case for up and coming rap artist 42 Dugg, who released his album “Young and Turnt 2” on Friday, March 27.  

42 Dugg initially burst onto the scene as he was featured on superstar rap artist Lil Baby’s album “My Turn” that dropped in late February.  The two teamed up for hit song “Grace,” making an appearance on the iTunes top 100 chart days after being released (it still sits at 122).   

Little known before this collaboration, 42 Dugg took advantage of his name being out there by releasing the 14-track album, sporting features from prominent artist Yo Gotti and, of course, Lil Baby. Within 24 hours, “Not a Rapper,” featuring both those guests, made an appearance on the top 100 charts at 92. This was 42 Dugg’s first headlined effort to appear in the top 100.  

“Not a Rapper” is a standout, along with “Bout 40” and “World on My Shoulder.” 42 Dugg raps with an uncommon but welcome style; think seasoned artist Kodak Black. “Not a Rapper” is a short song, not even reaching the 2-minute mark, and each artist has about 40 seconds each to showcase their talents. The trade-off leads to a fast-paced, up-tempo song.  

42 Dugg hails from Detroit, Michigan where many other big-time rap artists such as Eminem, Big Sean and Tee Grizzley have made a name for themselves. The 26-year-old artist found a love for music while incarcerated at a young age; he started rapping while in prison, got the approval of his fellow inmates and decided to run with the career when he was released. 

In 2018, 42 Dugg released his first ever song, “Mama I’m Sorry,” and this eventually led to him signing a joint contract with Yo Gotti and Lil Baby’s record labels (Collective Music Group/4PF). He released his first album in 2019, titled “Young and Turnt.” It's a 12-track effort with Tee Grizzley, Yo Gotti and Lil Baby all being featured.

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