Review: All Time Low — Wake Up, Sunshine

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 at 12:53 PM
Review: All Time Low — Wake Up, Sunshine by Jackson Loepp

Pop-rock band All Time Low released their eighth studio album, “Wake Up, Sunshine,” on April 3. The band has been together since 2003, consistently producing music over the last two decades.  

Their most recent collection of tracks boasts quite a few catchy hooks and potentially big singles. “Monsters,” a blackbear-featuring single that helped lead up to the album’s release, performed very well on streaming services.  

Even if you haven’t listened to All Time Low in a while, their style will remind you of when you first fell in love with them (likely in your teen years). They maintain their free-spirited pop lyrics about love and exploration, while delivering solid musical prowess.  

All Time Low sticking to their roots should come as no surprise, as the band still has the same core four members as it had back in 2003. These musicians have been playing and touring together for nearly 20 years, and their camaraderie is apparent in their playing, with each member growing together. This really comes forth in the band’s social media posts and music videos, where the four members can often be seen joking around with one another and having a good time, something that’s very refreshing in a cutthroat industry where musicians can instead find themselves misplaced and at odds with one another. 

The first track on the album, “Some Kind of Disaster,” seems to be a fan-favorite, and I can understand why. Very vocally driven, it's reminiscent of some of the band’s biggest hits, such as “Therapy” off 2009’s “Nothing Personal.” The song is about the mistakes made by lead singer and frontman, Alex Gaskarth, and the way they’ve come back to affect his perception of himself. 

 The album runs 46 minutes and contains 15 songs. It was release by Fueled By Ramen, a company known for its work with bands like Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco. Every one of the 15 songs feels as though it fits within the record; none of them stick out stylistically or thematically.  

All Time Low’s “Wake Up, Sunshine” is shaping up to be a really solid summer driving album for 2020, so keep it on your radar if you’re taking any road trips, or even if you’re just heading to the store. 

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