Review: David Duchovny — Every Third Thought

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Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 at 6:40 PM
Review: David Duchovny — Every Third Thought by Laura Lariccia


Most of you know David Duchovny from his famous role as Agent Fox Mulder on Fox’s hit tv show, "The X Files." But, unless you are a die-hard fan and/or have a massive celebrity crush on him (like me), you may not know that Duchovny has dabbled in the music industry over the past few years. In conjunction with reprising his iconic role of Mulder on the new seasons of "The X Files," Duchovny has also put out two albums in the same time frame. His most recent work is his sophomore album, “Every Third Thought.”

The album is a heartfelt composition of soft rock and emotional lyrics. While the songs are meaningful and obviously come from the heart, it is what is to be expected from an actor-turned-musician as far as poeticism and actual songwriting. The melodies are similar to each other and the songs can be hard to tell apart with a similar message, but Duchovny’s voice is soft and his actual singing voice is surprisingly nice. It sounds to me like nice driving music, or something to relax to.

“Half-Life” is a catchy song with intelligent word play. Lyrics like “Matter decays exponentially / Half-lives away dissolve eventually / It all winds up in the ground” will have you tapping your foot and humming along to the hypnotic guitar riff. It sings of a close relationship and love since lost. The whole song sounds melancholic in a sort of upbeat way that lets it get stuck in your head.

The title track, “Every Third Thought” is vaguely about missing someone and how much he thinks about them. It sounds lonely and questions why things have to change. Like “Half-Life,” it is melancholic, but that seems to be Duchovny’s trademark style. The song sounds frustrated and as if he is trying to figure out where things went wrong with someone. He questions many things in this song, like, “Why do I remain the same?” or less conventional questions like “Why must the sky feel blue?” I don’t know, David. I don’t know.

It sounds rather self-explanatory, but “Someone Else’s Girl “ is a slower song about loving a girl that’s with someone else, but wanting to be with her anyway. In the song, Duchovny sings of falling in love and trying to convince her to leave her man for him. He sings his praises of love and devotion, but also feels guilty about his new feelings for this woman instead of the one that he is with. In the end, they say “screw it” (pun intended) and ride off into the sunset.

It might not ever be on the Billboard Hot 100, but it is definitely a wonderful album that deserves a listen or two. 

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