Review: Eric Nam — Miss You

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Wednesday, November 7th, 2018 at 7:15 PM
Review: Eric Nam — Miss You by Shayma Musa


When Eric Nam debuted back in 2013 with his first album “Cloud 9” I was not impressed. The stand out single “Heaven’s Door” was too syrupy, “Erase” was full of outdated instrumentals, and “Mirage” sounded too much like everything else that came out that year. But a label change and four years of life later Eric Nam’s “Miss you” pulled me

Nam has evolved from the dorky 25-year-old who penned lyrics such as “I slowly set fire to my heart and move my steps”and “When the doors of heaven are open will I meet you,” however he has kept his characteristic soft mellow sound.  Now at the brink of entering a new decade of his life, Nam’s lyrics have aged with him. With lyrics like: “Sometimes I/Every once in a while…/For no reason at all, I think about you and /getting over you/was harder than/the suffocating emptiness I feel now,” Nam paints a picture of a failed relationship that he still hasn’t gotten over.

But for the standout track of his upcoming album of the same name the rest of the song is lacking. Nam delivers the lyrics in a board almost unenergetic manner—even the chorus leaves a lot to be desired.

With lines like: “I pretend that I’m OK/I act indifferent and numb/ but/ at the smallest trace of you/I break down” and “Now I can’t go a day without a drink/ and I started smoking all because of you” that are raw and emotional and full of fresh memories you’d expect the vocals to translate that emotion. Instead, what we get is a flat performance that belie the rich, jazzy vocals Nam has delighted fans with in songs like “Cave me in” and “Potion.”

Despite a lack of delivery Nam’s lyrics kept me listening—he leads you down a path of his healing and then immediately shifts gears dropping lines like “will I be ok living life without you?” In all Nam earns a 2 out of 5 for keeping me interested enough to listen to the entire song.

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