Review: Estelle — Lover's Rock

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Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 1:14 PM
Review: Estelle — Lover's Rock by Madi Gross


Estelle released her newest album, “Lover’s Rock” this past weekend and did not disappoint fans. The album, which features 14 tracks, was the artist’s first release in roughly three years. The artist’s fifth album is classified as a Reggae album. This is reportedly something fans have been requesting from Estelle since she released “Shine” in 2008 which features the reggae track “Come Over.”

“Lover’s Rock” features several well-known artists that contribute to the album’s overall sound. “Love Like Ours” featuring Tarrus Riley is an example of one of these songs. The song follows the album’s overall theme of love and loving other people.

Following the overall theme of love there are a handful of songs on the album that also focus on self-love such as ‘Ain’t Yo Bitch’ where Estelle states, “I am royal richness / I’m solid gold / Treat me like yo assets / I am your soul.” With all of the themes factored into it the song stands as an outstanding track on the album. “Queen” featuring Chronixx is another song that also focuses on self-love and empowerment.

“Slow Down,” placed directly in the middle of the album, features Alicai Harley and is an upbeat song that also highlights the importance of self-love. It’s the perfect song to be in the middle of the album, for it ties a lot of the albums themes together (a featured artist, layered vocals and instrumentals, upbeat vibey rhythms.)

Accompanying the album’s overall theme, it also features songs that makes you want to just dance. The album’s third track, “Really Want” features Konshens and Nick & Navi is a good example of this, with its overlapping vocals and layers.

“Lover’s Rock” features a mixture of different types of songs, an example being “Don’t Wanna” featuring Kranium, which features a surplus of different layers that all come together to create the end product.

A successful album tends to have different styles to showcase the artist’s talents and abilities, and the slow-jams on “Lover’s Rock” are these such songs for the album. This idea exists in “One More Time” and “Sweetly,” as well as the overall theme of love. “Good For Us” is another example of this, as it features Estelle’s smoothly layered vocals laid out on top of a slower-paced instrumental reggae rock loop, making it a good song to leave the album off on.

“Lover’s Rock” was an enjoyable album to listen to and serves a handful of good messages such as the importance of loving others throughout.

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