Review: EU closes out season with 'A Night of One Acts'

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Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 at 10:18 PM
Review: EU closes out season with 'A Night of One Acts' by Amber Chisholm

As the semester comes to an end, members of the University Players and Alpha Psi Omega put on one final production for the school year with“A Night of One Acts.”

Running from April 18-20 in Edinboro University’s Diebold Center for the Performing Arts, creativity and hilarity ensued with four plays covering topics like zombies, intervention, betrayal and so on.

The first segment, called “The Intervention and Extraction of a Pandemic Malediction,” written and directed by Morgan Gore, involved a couple confronting and attempting to help their son deal with an extreme yet vulgar syndrome through an exhaustive effort.

Next was “He Said She Said,” which taps into the nuisance and devastation of gossip, though one character emerges victorious in a cleverly romantic way.

Third in line was “Dungeons and Dorks,” written and directed by Mikhail Ferree.

A stage manifestation of “Dungeons and Dragons,” this play is based on the game that Ferree has played for years now and, not surprisingly, quite enjoys.

Whether or not the audience was familiar with the “D&D” material, “it just kind of brings to life what we imagine in our heads on the stage,” said Ferree, who enjoys doing theatre with “friends being friends.”

These friends embarked on both an acting and action-filled adventure. There were intense fight scenes, packed moments of deception, and this wasn’t the only segment in which an occasional drink was taken.

Finally, each crowd member was able to train their brain, or prevent it from being eaten, in an educational skit called “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.”

Senior Sarah Wheaton, who directed this play, chose this topic not only because of her like for zombies, but also based on the written work of author Don Zolidis.

As she is graduating soon, she has found this experience to be “very emotional,” sharing that she “couldn’t have asked for a better cast or better people to work with.”

In mention of the cast, a few members came up with their own ideas for this play, such as the Kung Fu fight scene between Eddie Reash, aka “Jimmy,” and one of the zombies played by Cammie Teeters.

Hope Errera, who held a role in the last two segments, relates to her character “Nick” in “Dungeons and Dorks” as he can be a troublemaker yet knows how to have fun.

Ferree kept the atmosphere lighthearted and conversational with both the cast and audience between plays, frequently checking in with costume changes before focusing back toward the crowd, who likely experienced both shock and humor in a repetitive cycle.

Briefly sharing his own writing and directing experiences along with his own enjoyment of the show, he told the audience, “I make no promises of quality, just quantity.”

“How’s everybody enjoying it so far?” he asked at one point, to which the audience answered in applause.

Ferree described this show as a way to de-stress before finals, not to mention something that’s bittersweet.

He eventually gave thanks and brought the cast out for one final bow before everyone said farewell.

The feeling of hard work paying off could definitely be felt throughout the room, and now potential audience members and actors have no choice but to eagerly await what happens next.

Amber Chisholm |

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