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Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 at 5:30 PM
Review: Fergie — Double Dutchess  by Dakota Palmer

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For my 11th birthday, my friend Allie bought me Fergie’s debut solo album, “The Dutchess,” and I was ecstatic. I listened to that album on my Sony CD player for months after I received it, because every song on it was great.

From the lively beat of “Fergalicious” to the soft ballad “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” Fergie completely took over my brain with her clever lyrics and dance tracks.

When I heard she was releasing a second album 11 years later (almost to the day), I immediately went back to those times when I tried (poorly) to dance to “Glamorous” or rap (successfully) Fergie’s killer bridge in “Fergalicious.”

When I listened to “The Double Dutchess,” Fergie’s most recent release, I was disappointed, to say the least. Fergie’s rapping vocals sound like a combination of Iggy Azalea and Chanel West Coast, which is just atrocious.

The first song, “Hungry” featuring Rick Ross, has a weird operatic undertrack playing while Fergie aggressively raps nonsense. This song is honestly a bit scary and is not one I would listen to at 3 a.m. by myself in a dark room. In addition to being mildly frightening, it just left me confused and not quite understanding what direction the album was going to take.

“Like It Ain’t Nuttin’” is the next song that completely changes the creepy, operatic vibe to a fresh dance beat. This song, while a bit odd lyrically, isn’t terrible and is probably the one of the only redeeming songs on the album.

This song has a simple, yet haunting low piano riff that consists of three notes that really add to the character of the song. Other than that, the song is simple instrumentally, only featuring some electronic drums here and there. However, in this instance simple works out well.

“You Already Know” is just genuinely terrible. Fergie’s attempt at rapping isn’t awful, but her singing is so off-pitch that it’s very distracting and disturbing. Nicki Minaj is featured on this song, which is confusing because Minaj is a well-respected music icon, and the fact that she would agree to be part of such a terrible song is baffling.

 Fergie also samples “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock on this song, which doesn’t really add to the song. It just blankly sits there without a purpose. The song is very simplistic (in a bad way) and is a terrible addition to this terrible album.

“Life Goes On” is this album’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Soft and sweet, Fergie opens up and reveals the vulnerable and protected Stacy Ferguson, rather than the open and vulgar Fergie. The song is both optimistic and pensive with lyrics such as: “Life goes on, with or without you/It’s up to you, whatcha gonna do?”

This song is one more redeeming quality to the fatality that is “The Double Dutchess,” but not enough to redeem the entire album.

The album concludes with “Love is Pain,” which Fergie said is about several different relationships throughout her life. This song is a ballad with strong lyrics, but the vocals just aren’t there. It seems like Fergie is trying to force emotion where it shouldn’t have to be forced.

“The Double Dutchess” could have been a strong follow-up to its highly-praised predecessor, but Fergie dropped the ball on this one.

The fact that fans waited 11 years just to hear this mess is both offensive and disappointing. Just as the movie “Dumb and Dumber” was better off without a sequel, “The Dutchess” could have been fine as the only Fergie album to ever exist.

Standout tracks: "Like It Ain't Nothin," "Life Goes On" and "L.A. Love (la la)" 

Stream the album below: 

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