Review: Ghostface Killah — The Lost Tapes

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Thursday, October 11th, 2018 at 8:36 AM
Review: Ghostface Killah — The Lost Tapes by Jalil Robinson


Ghostface Killah has returned with his 10th album, “The Lost Tapes.” In this project, Ghostface seems as though he is showcasing his talent by competing with other lyricists on the project, shown through the amount of posse cuts on this album. Surprisingly, this album doesn’t sound like it’s a lost tape made up of a bunch of throwaway songs. Instead, “The Lost Tapes” sound like a polished and worked on project.

Going into this album, what I was impressed by was Ghostface’s ability to still rap up to par with all his peers. He is still able to use his vivid imagery, and funny lines, while keeping interested in what he has to see.

Ghostface starts the album on the intro, saying “what an honor it is to be on the project,” only to swing in with a hard hitting track, “Buckingham Palace.” On this track, Ghostface kicks it off with the first verse setting the tone for the entire album.

On tracks to come such as “Majestic Accolades,” and “Cold Crush,” Ghostface continues to solidify why he is a revered rap artist, especially through the interlude, “Put the Ghostface on It.”

Ghostface talks about how he has a few more albums to do, then he is changing his image. Ghostface stating this makes you cherish this project that much more because it’s the amen Ghostface fans grew to love.

Throughout the rest of the project, Ghostface has surprising guest features from rap legends such as Big Daddy Kane, Snoop Dogg, E40 and His WU Tang peers. Most of the features on this album delivered, but ones I could have done without were Snoop Dogg, Big Daddy Kane, and E40. I feel as though these guest verses could have been much better, especially them being considered rap legends.

The cons about this album is that it is mostly comprised of straight features and a few skits. One this thing I like about Ghostface the most are the solo tracks he does because he often goes into storytelling. If the fans could have got just a few solo Ghostface tracks, it would have made this album that much better.

It feels as though this album was honoring the legacy of Ghostface Killah. This is apparent the skits and reminding everyone that he is legend. While listening to this project, I found it to be reminiscent of his previous album “36 seasons” that had a lot of posse cuts as well, although I think that project was much better.

In conclusion, the Lost Tapes by Ghostface Killah was a good project like usual, just missing a few aspects. Tracks on this project that were my favorite were, “Buckingham Palace,” “Cold Crush,” and “Watch ‘Em Holla.” I look forward to what Ghostface Killah has to release next and the change to his new music he mentioned on the album skits.

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