Review: Lil Tecca — Virgo World

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Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 at 1:19 PM
Review: Lil Tecca — Virgo World by Steven McGarvie

Thirteen months after his debut album, rap artist Lil Tecca released his highly anticipated sophomore effort, “Virgo World,” on Friday, Sept. 18.  

Also known simply as “Tecca,” the rapper had a successful debut, with “Ransom (feat. Juice WRLD),” reaching No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This blazing start was put on hold as he waited 13 months to drop his second full length, but for many fans it was worth the wait.  

For me, Lil Tecca was more of a quarantine discovery; I spent many hours listening to musicians that I would never have considered before, and he was a big standout. Virgo World” hooked me even further and made me look deeper into his music. I added many songs from this album to my playlist, including what might be my favorite song dropped this year: “When You Down (feat Lil Durk & Polo G).” 

“When You Down” is a mellow track, right up my alley. And the Polo G feature got me excited before I even pressed “play”; he’s my favorite rap artist ever. The lyrics here are exceptional, with my favorite line being: “You don’t know who gon’ be there when you down / But you know who gon’ be there when you up.” With this statement, Tecca describes one of my biggest values in life — loyalty.  

Throughout my life, I’ve never had an extensive family, so my friends and family I do have mean a lot to me. I value their loyalty more than most things, because they’re always there for me no matter what. I would rather have a few close family members than a group that I don’t know if I can truly trust — that’s exactly what Tecca describes here in his song.  

Other standout tracks include “Chemistry,” “Our Time” and “Foreign (feat. Nav).” “Chemistry” would definitely be my second favorite song on the album because of the upbeat and positive mood it puts me in. The lyrics of “lay low and stay low” also describe my lifestyle very well. I’ve always done my own thing and tried to remain humble and grounded. NAV is another one of my favorite artists, so I was happy to see him featured here.  

While the album is definitely good, it's not perfect. My least favorite song would have to be “Selection.” This track is produced by Skrillex, and Skrillex has always been one of my least favorite DJs. I dislike his fast pace and metal beats, which is exactly what he leans on here. 

I was very happy to see Lil Tecca release new music and provide me with something fresh to enjoy and vibe to. Hopefully, I don’t have to wait another 13 months to hear this talented artist drop something else. 

Steven McGarvie is a staff writer for The Spectator. He can be reached at

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