Review: M83's Junk

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Thursday, April 14th, 2016 at 12:03 PM
Review: M83's Junk by Dakota Palmer

Last week, electronic band M83 released its seventh album “Junk.” This album is the first without former front man Morgan Kibby.

The album has very much of a 1970’s vibe to it, with its guitar solos and old vibes.

“Do It, Try It” is the first song on the album and was released as a single on March 1. The song has a pretty great bass line and an awesome beat. Although it is a bit repetitive, the song is still a great way to begin the album.

"Laser Gun” is another good song on the album with an interesting guitar riff and features the vocals of artist Mai Lan. This song is a mesmerizing track that can really captivate the audience.

“Road Blaster” has a super catchy chorus riff that really reflects the 1970’s vibe the album has overall. Additionally, the lyrics are clever and for the most part, relatable. “I was driving at the dawn/But everywhere I go, everywhere I go I see you/Calling love to the land/Cause anything I do, anything I do/Is about you” are great lyrics for anyone going through a break up or just having relationship problems in general.

Arguably the best track on the album is “Time Wind” which features popular alternative artist Beck. This song, again, truly has a 1970s feel and is an interesting track. Beck and his musical talent add a great sound to an already great song.

This album is one of the band’s best and although the songs aren’t complete hits like “Midnight City,” they’re still great. The retro vibes this album creates make for an interesting, unique album that no artist would dare try to make in this day.

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