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Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 at 3:30 PM
Review: Macklemore — Gemini by Hannah Webster

                                          Rating: ★★★★☆

Ever since Macklemore first sold us with his peculiar song, Thrift Shop, fans have been hooked on the unique sound he creates. Macklemore adds old-school flair to each one of his songs.

He never fails to pump the audience up. Every song just makes you want to get up and jump at a concert or dance with your friends in the middle of the street.

Macklemore’s musical tone is very similar in every song and album, however, that is beneficial to him as an artist. It creates individuality. When you are listening to his songs, you know it’s his music because it’s basically branded with his name.

Macklemore dropped his latest album, Gemini, last Friday, Sept. 22. The album included 14 songs including a few top dollar tunes like Glorious, Marmalade, Willy Wonka, Good Old Days, Levitate, Over It, and Miracle. The rest of the album was pretty solid, however, these tunes really stayed true to Macklemore’s image instead of sticking to the “traditional” mold of rap music.

Who wasn’t won over by Glorious, the song he wrote for his grandma? Macklemore released the music video in July, which helped steal the hearts of many. Songs with a special touch always tend to be well received by an audience full of big hearts. The happy feel good song makes you want to grab your own grandma and take a cruise.

Marmalade is a very good song to listen to while cruising through the city with its high pitch piano sounds. At times, it almost sounds as if he’s rapping right in your ear. The song has a very charming vibe.

Willy Wonka has a very traditional rap sound with his unique instrumental addition. The old school, trombone sound confirms that you’re listening to Macklemore, but the rest of the song has a very typical rap tune. Since it’s a little bit of a combination, the song becomes very unique as Macklemore creates a new trombone sound dropping as a base.

Macklemore was a genius to partner with Kesha for God Old Days. Kesha has recently received a lot of positive attention on her own for her strong and beautiful new sound. The pair adds a very intimate feel to the tune. While you’re caught reminiscing to this song, the sound also makes you feel like you’re up in the clouds daydreaming about your own memories. According to iTunes, it is the most popular song on the album. This is not a surprise.

Macklemore ends the album with three killer tracks: Miracle, Church, and Excavate.

Miracle features Dan Caplen who has a very beautiful alternative r&b voice. With the violin, the song sounds almost hypnotic.

Ending with Excavate makes for a solid banger because of its incredibly passionate and real lyrics. The song is soul aching and calming. Macklemore even expresses how his greatest achievement is being a father to his daughter. As “I found peace” echoes through the song, you begin to search for your own moments that bring you happiness and joy.

Standout tracks: "Good Old Days" and "Miracle" 

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