Review: Michael Bublé — Love

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 at 6:58 PM
Review: Michael Bublé — Love by Nathan Brennan


Michael Bublé, with one of the smoothest voices around today, makes his return to the music scene with his newest album, love (it is actually the heart emoji, but it’s supposed to be pronounced love and I find that very wholesome).

The main parts of the album are just as wholesome as the title suggests: love songs. Taking his signature charm, Bublé tried his hand at classic standards such as “Unforgettable” and “When You’re Smiling.” In addition, he came out with new songs such as “Love You Anymore” and “Forever Now.”

Overall, the most consistent thing on this album was Bublé, whose vocals were spot-on as usual. When it came to the songs, though, there was more to be desired.

“When I Fall In Love” is the first track on the album. While it is one of the slowest songs on the album, it felt like just the right tempo for the message: “When I fall in love, it’ll be forever.” With beautiful instrumental accompaniment and the sweet sound of Bublé’s voice, it was a good start.

“Love You Anymore” is the major single from the album, and it delivers. In my opinion, Bublé is at his best when he’s singing higher notes, which was the case for this track. With great vocals and a steady, catchy beat, it’s a refreshing newer song in a sea of lovey-dovey songs that often populate the standards.

Bublé next tackled “La vie en rose,” which is often a difficult song to get right; however, with the assistance of featured artist Cécile McLorin Salvant, he does the song justice. In fact, it made me immediately visualize a perfectly romantic scene in my head, specifically an intimate moonlit stroll through Paris with a significant other on a street filled with twinkling lights. All in all, it is a sweet rendition of a beautiful song that made me want to fall in love.

A drastically different scene was the case for the next song, “My Funny Valentine.” While the name of the song implies fun, I had no fun listening to this song in the slightest. It sounds like someone is being kidnapped by a psychotic killer out for blood. It sounds less like a love song than the soundtrack for “Silence of the Lambs.” Don’t get me wrong, the song has always been creepy, but for some reason, Bublé’s dramatic rendition is so ungodly terrifying it makes me uncomfortable.

Thankfully, the next song didn’t make me fear for my life, and served instead as a palate cleanser: “Such a Night.” This song paints an optimistic picture of a wonderful night spent with a lover that won’t soon be forgotten. With a swinging sound, this song is sure to give you a smile.

What goes up must come down, though; where “Such a Night” brought you up, “Forever Now” knocks you out and keeps you down. Easily the saddest song I’ve heard recently, this song was clearly meant for Bublé’s son, who had been battling cancer until it went into remission recently; Bublé expresses his never-ending love, and how he’ll love him “forever now.” With raw feelings just pouring out, this song is a highlight for sure.

Unfortunately, that is where the highlights end. In a cruel twist of irony, his take on “Unforgettable” and most of the other songs near the end of the album are fairly forgettable.

While some of his renditions don’t hold up to the legends’ standards, Bublé’s love has genuine heart and emotion that make it a good listen.

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