Review: Rod Wave — Pray 4 Love

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Sunday, April 12th, 2020 at 1:56 AM
Review: Rod Wave — Pray 4 Love by Steven McGarvie

On Friday, April 2, a new type of rap music was brought into the world courtesy of Rod Wave. The 14-track effort, “Pray 4 Love,” sports only one feature, and got off to a quick start, having numerous songs ranked on the iTunes Top 150 chart within 24 hours of its release. 

More specifically, Rod Wave, formally known as Rodarius Green, saw five of his singles on this chart: “Girl Of My Dreams,” “Pray 4 Love, “F**k the World, “Thief In The Night” and “I Remember.”  

“Girl Of My Dreams” continues to be ranked a full week after being released, debuting at number 41. In this song, Rod Wave produces a soulful masterpiece, letting the slow beat set the mood before it speeds up, with him joining in. The track is about his past girlfriends and how he thought of them as the girls of his dreams, but eventually, they were not that and they were actually not part of his best interests. This song gives hope to those who’ve lost a loved one that they thought they couldn’t live without; Rod Wave shows them that there is life after these broken relationships.  

Rod Wave hails from St. Petersburg, Florida and is the first prominent rap music artist to come from this area of the country. Many people compare his style of “soul” music to Sean Kingston. Kingston was known for a type of rap and hip-hop music that touches the soul and creates a lasting impact. Rod Wave is following in those footsteps, as he is making a name for himself.  

His last album, titled “Ghetto Gospel,” showed that Rod Wave was trying to bring a new type of rap music into the world. His focus on past troubles in life and how he overcame them provides a sense of hope for his listeners.

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