Review: Senses Fail — If The Is Light, It Will Find You

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 at 7:10 PM
Review: Senses Fail — If The Is Light, It Will Find You by Dakota Palmer


Hardcore punk band Senses Fail released their seventh LP on Feb. 16, marking the first album that lead singer James “Buddy” Nielsen wrote entirely by himself. The only original band member left, Nielsen’s album focuses on his life post-drugs and drinking, reflecting on his time as a new man.

The album flaunts themes of positivity, personal suffering, and passion.

Nielsen said in an interview with Billboard, “A lot of our fans are having kids and are in places where they’re able to enjoy their lives a little better: have families, committed relationships, settle down in a way…I wanna write a record that defines that moment in their life.”

With, “Double Cross,” the lead single of the album, Nielsen addresses how he has remained passionate about music despite the difficulties he’s experienced in his life. Additionally, he questions the passion of others when he sings, “And now the glory days have all but faded / Everyone I used to know is jaded / Where is the passion that you used to have / When music was the only thing you had?”

The track has a Yellowcard-like riff, with heavier guitars in some spots, but mostly just a lot of repetitive power chords. In the middle of the song is some odd-sounding screaming that sounds out of place in this otherwise great song.

Keeping with the positive and passionate trend is “New Jersey Makes, The World Takes,” which is about saving the people you love from pain and suffering. During the bridge Nielsen sings, “I found myself in a place where all my days were numbered / I overcame all my demons, and I know that you can too.”

In “You Get So Alone At Times It Just Makes Sense,” Nielsen sings about how he used to have a severe drinking problem in addition to suicidal thoughts. But during the song he says, “I’m so thankful that I get to breathe,” noting how his mindset is completely different now.

The final and eponymous song on the album, “If There’s Light, It Will Find You,” could be interpreted to be about his two children, one who passed away during a miscarriage in which his wife almost died. The first verse seems to be about his daughter Penelope, in which he says, “How am I supposed to raise you when I’m so afraid of all that I can pass down? /…My father meant nothing to me / But I hope I mean something to you.”

In the second verse he asks, “How am I supposed to move on when I’m so afraid of the loneliness that I feel when the sun sets on your grave?” which could be a nod to the daughter who passed during the miscarriage.

This song is a perfect way to end the album because it seems as though Nielsen has really turned his life around. He does write about the miscarriage on the tracks, “Orlando and a Miscarriage” and “First Breath, Last Breath.”

Standout tracks: “Double Cross” and “Is It Gonna Be the Year?”

Stream below: 

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