Review: Teddy Rankin — Is Enough

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Thursday, December 10th, 2020 at 5:39 PM
Review: Teddy Rankin — Is Enough by Julia Carden

Teddy Rankin, an emerging indie artist from Erie, released his fifth solo album, titled “Is Enough,” on Oct. 30. Rankin focuses on quality over quantity in this 9-track LP, which is available on Spotify, Apple MusicYouTubeBandcamp and more.

Rankin explained that he enjoyed experimenting with different songwriting techniques and instrumentation this time around. “Is Enough” is classified as "Pop" on Apple Music, and Rankin agreed this album leans more toward bedroom pop, whereas his earlier efforts tend to fall under traditional indie rock. Nevertheless, Rankin’s folk and alternative roots still shine through on tracks with simple acoustic instrumentals like “Technicolor World” and “Under the Moon.”

Rankin spoke about his love for the album-creation process on his Facebook page: “I’ve released an album every year since I was 18. I love the process from start to finish and it’s been so therapeutic for me. I get better with every song I write and it’s so nice to have documentation of my feelings and progress over the years.”

“Therapeutic” is the perfect word to describe “Is Enough.” The mellow beats and calm vocals provide a relaxing backdrop for a study night or a Sunday stroll. Meanwhile, the well thought out instrumentals match the feel of each individual song.

My personal favorite, “I Love I,” is more upbeat and has that pronounced pop aesthetic when compared with the rest of the album. The lyrics are also very relatable, as they discuss common resistance to change that we have all experienced at some point in our lives. Rankin sings: “I’m trying to take it day by day / There may be hell to pay / For tryna make a change / But I am not afraid / I’m gonna ride the wave.”

Teddy Rankin, whose talent is loud and clear in “Is Enough” and earlier music, is definitely a local artist to keep an eye on. 

Disclaimer: Teddy Rankin is a staff writer and music reviewer for The Spectator.

Julia Carden is a staff writer for The Spectator. She can be reached at

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