Review: The 1975 — 'I like it when you sleep...'

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 at 12:05 PM
Review: The 1975 — 'I like it when you sleep...' by William Stevens

The U.K. was home to The 1975 long before they were The 1975. The band was formed in Manchester and started by doing covers of punk songs but eventually they decided it was time to switch things up. Their EP dropped in 2012 and their first debut album a year later in 2013. Three years later in 2016, The 1975 has come into their own and created a sound that is unique.

The group released a new album on Friday, entitled “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It.” The 1975 have done an excellent job setting themselves apart from other similar bands by blending pop tones with the ethereal making “I Like It When You Sleep…” an instant classic.

The album is kicked off with an intro track which featured synthesizers and a choir, which helps set the tone for the album. The track builds up and eventually leads us into the first song on the album; “Love Me”.

The track opens with a lone guitar riff. Eventually the band kicks in and, interestingly enough, a Theremin is added to the mix, lending itself to the creative sound dynamic The 1975 has had since their debut album in 2013.

From there the album jumps into another upbeat song with the single “UGH!” This song is so catchy I found myself trying to sing along with it before I even knew the lyrics. “UGH!” does a good job of blending the guitar with the electronics. It also does a good job of showcasing the impressive vocals of the lead singer Matt Healy.

Two upbeat songs in a row eventually leads into the fourth track, “A Change of Heart” which slows things down considerably. This track reminded me of “Crazy for You”, the hit song Madonna released in the ‘80’s. Emotional lyrics coupled with an ethereal track playing behind it blends together to showcase the inspired sound The 1975 has coveted and made their own.

“She’s American” follows this and brings back the upbeat tone the first two tracks brought to the table. Well, at least for the first half anyway. Halfway through the song the upbeat guitar tracks begin to fade out leaving only the vocals cascading out of the speakers. The song jumps into the chorus once more before fading out and jumping into the next song.

“If I Believe You” brings the emotion back through a slow and almost deliberate sound. The addition of a choir helps add to the religious undertones that exist in the song’s lyrics. The acoustic guitar mixes well with Healy’s voice and makes the transition into the entirely instrumental song “Please Be Naked” much smoother.

“Please Be Naked” kicked off the next part of the album [tracks 7 to 12] which blended together smoothly and was largely vocal-free. The thirteenth track on the album “The Sound” featured more background vocals, piano, guitar and a catchy drum beat to form the message that they aren't as worried about their public image as they were when they began their musical journey.

“I Like It When You Sleep…” was more than just an album; it was an experience. One thing about this album that may not have been readily apparent to first-time listeners is that The 1975 have stopped caring about what people think about them, which opens up new musical possibilities that they wouldn’t have otherwise. The 1975 not only have a unique sound but now they have the potential to grow as musicians and as a band.

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