Review: Troye Sivan — Bloom

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 4:44 PM
Review: Troye Sivan — Bloom by Virginia Olds


Troye Sivan’s sophomore album, entitled “Bloom,” marks an upbeat, happier contrast from his first album. Sivan has dropped his “teenage angst” from Blue Neighborhood in favor of the explorations of love in young adulthood. On “Bloom,” Sivan explores what it means to be in love and the whirlwind of fresh romance, as well as reconciling with an ex-lover and removal from a toxic relationship. Sivan blends different genres and sounds into his 10 song album including pop, EDM, ballads, acoustic/folk tones, etc, which like his first album shows his prowess and ability to use the beat of a song to convey undertones of melancholy, seriousness, lust, and love. He also does this through the mixture of heavier words and concepts like death in songs about the joys of love.

For example, “A Heavenly Way to Die” combines Sivan’s feelings of love in relation to summer and youth, while noting that one day youth will end with: “When our promise has come and gone / And our youth is all but melted, melted / We can listen to this song / So we don't have to accept it, accept it.” However, Sivan’s love for the everpresent “you” is eternal, saying that not even eternity is too little time spent with his love. So even youth, which may be an allusion to one of his earliest single “Youth,” may fade but Sivan’s deep and impassioned love will never.

Bloom, while extremely different from Blue Neighborhood and Sivan’s other releases, still contains the same uniquely Troye Sivan qualities. His voice fades in and out of the music, turning his voice into part of the instrumentation. “DKLA” and “Plum” are examples of this quality, where Sivan’s voice moves back and forth in intensity, letting the beat overpower his vocals. Sivan is as raw and honest with the audience in Bloom as he was in Blue Neighborhood, but the subject matter is different. The shift in focus, however, isn’t jarring. The audience can hear Sivan is still himself, just that he has moved on from where he was emotionally in his previous release.

Stand out tracks include: “Dance to This (feat. Ariana Grande),” a light, upbeat dance anthem filled with innuendos and powerful vocals. “Bloom,” the title track, which explores a lover literally blooming, or coming alive, when they are around the person they love the most. “The Good Side,” which is a personal favorite, is full of simple, but hard hitting lyrics of looking back on a failed relationship, being grateful towards that lover for the lessons learned. While it lacks some of the gut-punching vocals of Blue Neighborhood, it is still a cohesive, short but sweet lookout on what it means to be in love and out of love in young adulthood.

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