Review: Twenty One Pilots — Trench

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Thursday, October 11th, 2018 at 8:47 AM
Review: Twenty One Pilots — Trench by Gregory Rounds

These standout tracks I believe best show what Twenty One Pilots wants to say. This is a band that will write what they want to write and play what they want to play. With topics like anxiety and thoughts of suicide makes for a bold album that a lot of people will find themselves relating to.

After Twenty One Pilots ended their Blurryface tour in 2017, they went underground and just recently resurfaced to drop their latest album, Trench. Tyler Joseph, singer-songwriter of the two-man band, has often used his anxiety and depression as an inspiration when writing music. He personified his darker thoughts in a character he called Blurryface in his last album.

Trench dives in deeper into Blurryface or Nico as he is named in the album, and where he is from. Trench tells a story about Tyler trapped in a city called Dema. Dema is controlled by nine bishops which represent our dark thoughts. Tyler is trying to escape Dema through a trench but keeps failing and getting sent back. He eventually meets a resistance group seemed to be led by Josh Dun, the drummer of the band, that opposes the bishops who are willing to help him get out of Dema. He eventually gets out of the city, as evidenced by the final song, “Leave the City”. He doesn’t specify how he got out or where he ended up after leaving, allowing fans to come up with their own conclusions.

To give some context for this album, you must know that Twenty One Pilots has liked to mix different genres into their album. They are a band that has liked to experiment with their music. They mostly stuck to one sound throughout the album with a few exceptions here and there.

One of those songs is “Morph”, a electronic hip-hop song that will have you singing the chorus. Most of it is rapped, with the chorus allowing that to take a break for some upbeat singing.

Then there’s “Chlorine”, starting off fast and slowing down in its beat. This song shows that Tyler is thinking about suicide and wants to end it. “This beat is a chemical” shows that music helps him with these thoughts.

“The Hype” sounds like it is from the 90’s or early 2000’s with their own twist, making for a great song. It has a really upbeat feel to it that it almost feels hopeful, even in dark times.

Some songs that I don’t like as much are “Smithereens”, “Cut My Lip”, and “Legend”. The songs I feel like are too different from the rest of the album for them to really stand with the other songs. While I still like them enough to listen to them, they just feel like they don’t belong. I used to not like the song “Levitate” because it was too fast paced and was mainly just rap. But I gave it another listen to and it grew on me, so I don’t see why these other tracks can’t either.

Overall, this album lives up to my expectations that were built when they released the music video to “Jumpsuit” back in August. It grew higher when the video for “Nico and the Niners”, “Levitate”, and audio for “My Blood” was released. I just wish I can afford to go to one of their concerts.

Standout Tracks: “Morph”, “Chlorine”, & “The Hype."

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