Review: Weezer - The White Album

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Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 at 11:28 PM
Review: Weezer - The White Album  by Dakota Palmer

Weezer’s “The White Album” was released on April 1. This is the band’s tenth studio album in the last 24 years. Weezer features frontman Rivers Cuomo, drummer Patrick Wilson, guitarist Brian Bell and bassist Scott Shriner.

According to USA Today, Cuomo searched for inspiration for the new album on Tinder. Cuomo said, “I actually didn’t meat anyone in real life, it was more like a text relationship. I would copy and paste from our conversation right into the song.”

This might explain why some of the lyrics in the songs don’t necessarily make sense.

The album opens with “California Kids,” a great way to start the album. It starts off slow and then quickly goes into a rocking chorus with lyrics sung with emotion. This song starts the album off on a high note and leaves one with high expectations for the remainder of the album.

The third track titled “Thank God for Girls” was released as a single in October. A music video was released for the song in November. This song, with its odd lyrics and catchy chorus, add a fresh flavor of interesting to the album. Lyrics such as, “God took a rib from Adam, ground it up in a centrifuge machine/Mixed it with cardamom and cloves, microwaved it on the popcorn setting” certainly seem odd, but somehow fit the song.

“L.A. Girlz” has a great guitar riff and pretty simple lyrics that remind me of the simplicity of an older Weezer song, specifically “My Name is Jonas”. Additionally, the bridge has pretty cute lyrics: “Does anybody love anybody as much as I love you, baby?”

The album finishes with “Endless Bummer,” a slower, somewhat more emotional song. The slow rhythm and guitar can make one thing of a nice summer day. This song is a great conclusion, as it brings together all aspects of the album and ties them together.

This album is definitely an improvement from Weezer’s 2014 release “Everything Will Be Alright in the End”. It also definitely is one of their best albums. In contrast to the last album, “The White Album” is Weezer seemingly returning to their old roots from the days of “Weezer” and “The Green Album”.

I really enjoyed this ten track EP, and I think any Weezer fan will also fall in love with it quite easily. The songs are strong and catchy; this album will absolutely be blasting in my car during the summertime. Great job to Cuomo and the other members of Weezer for creating a quality album that’s full of great songs.

Dakota Palmer is the Online Editor for The Spectator.

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