Rosten hits 1,000 point achievement in Boro victory

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Thursday, January 31st, 2019 at 4:47 PM

As the Edinboro Fighting Scots women’s basketball team made their way onto the court after halftime, graduate student Ciara Rosten was first out. Making her way to the bench at Clarion University, a voice rang out over the loud speakers. It was here that they recognized the standout for her 1,000th career point, achieved earlier in the first half. 

The Fighting Scots led every second of the 92-45 victory, on Wednesday Jan 23, immediately jumping out to a near double-digit advantage.

By the end of the first, following a near buzzer-beating layup by Michaela Barnes, Edinboro was up by 13. She had 15 points on the night.

 Jontay Walton opened scoring in the second quarter, pushing the Fighting Scots ahead 25-10. Walton had 21 points to lead the team. 

With 2:49 on the clock in the half, a foul on Clarion’s Jordan Bekelja resulted in Rosten standing at the line for two shots. 

After Rosten made the first, she stood at the line with her career point total at 999 points. When her second shot went through the net and hit the floor, Rosten became Edinboro’s third active 1,000th career point scorer. 

In the last three minutes of the half, Barnes (2) and Rosten (4) collect the last points of the half. The Scots led 48-21.

“It feels good hitting this milestone in my career and being able to hit it in my three years at Edinboro, and I think it put me in a good position,” Rosten stated in a postgame interview. “I’m just now getting healthy off my injury so it gives me a little motivation for the rest of the season.”

As the game resumed in the third quarter, Walton again opened scoring, hitting a 3-pointer less than 10 seconds in. Edinboro would put up 28 points in the quarter, eventually pushing the lead to 44.

Walton again opened scoring for the last quarter, with a 3-pointer less than one minute in. With less than eight minutes left on the clock, Edinboro swapped four of their five out on the court. The Fighting Scots brought in freshmen Monica Brown and Macy Tarrant, and sophomores Abbey Antolic and Sarah Fischer.

Head coach Callie Wheeler commented she thinks “It’s extremely important,” getting those younger individuals experience is, in a post-game interview. 

Nine of Edinboro’s 22 bench points came from this quarter as Antolic (2), Brown (2) and Tarrant (5) all put up points. The Fighting Scots would eventually win by 47.

The Fighting Scots shot 51 percent from the field, 50 percent from long range and perfect from the free-throw line. 

“It’s great!” exclaimed Walton about the team’s depth. “It’s great knowing that we can rely on other people coming off the bench to have a great game and to step up.” She also talked about how it could help when players are in foul trouble.

 “Every single person that came off the bench stepped up, they hit big shots, played defense, got rebounds, did what they needed to do and everybody played real well so that was amazing,” concluded Walton. She also added how proud she was of friend and teammate Rosten on her achievement of reaching 1,000 points, adding an enthusiastic yell for all to hear.

After the game, the Fighting Scots all gathered for a group photo in which Rosten held up a homemade poster that read “Rosten 1,000,” in which the zeros were replaced with basketballs. Rosten is now one of the three active Fighting Scots to have reached the milestone. Walton recently reaching the achievement over winter break and senior Michelle Jahn reached the achievement in the 2017-2018 season.

“It’s a great feeling, it really is. It’s a heck of an accomplishment for all three of those girls,” said Wheeler. She also mentioned another player who is “one or two games away” from reaching the achievement, Barnes.

“I think that’s a great accomplishment and that that’s a testament to Coach Swank and how he built this program up, and the great players that we attract here at Edinboro,” she said.

“It’s a great feeling and I’m really proud of all of those girls; they’re great teammates and they’re great players and great people. [All of] which makes it more special.”

Edinboro’s 92-45 win over Clarion pushed them to 11-5 overall (7-4 in the PSAC).

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