ROTC, Edinboro Film Series request funds from EUSGA

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Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 at 11:54 AM
ROTC, Edinboro Film Series request funds from EUSGA by Shaylee Dillen

The Edinboro ROTC came to the Edinboro University Student Government Association (EUSGA) with a request for congress to approve their funds to hold a SCUBA class. The class was held last year and was only offered to members of ROTC.

In spring 2016, they want to open that opportunity to 12 ROTC members, as well as 12 general students. The class is taken at Diver’s World of Erie.

Once the participants are certified through classroom training, they then can practice what they’ve learned in a hands-on type of class. The certification received through this class is valid for life, so that individual can take what they’ve learned and use it again later.

By holding this class, ROTC hopes it will spark an interest in students, which could open up the possibility for the rebirth of an actual SCUBA class at EU. ROTC was requesting $6,696 to make this class possible and the EUSGA passed the motion to fund it.

The Edinboro Film Series attended both the Nov. 23 and Nov. 30 meetings to discuss with Congress their lack of funds and a request in hopes to receive more. Every other Thursday, a film is played in the theater on campus.

With their current budget, the organization pays for film licensing, student design poster printing, program printing, and advertising along with any special speakers or guests they invite to come to campus.

The original request on Nov. 23 stood at $2,500. They have been able to hold these showings consistently for the past 10 years.

As they have historically left funds they were given in their budget unused, their overall budget was cut.

Currently, they now need the funds once again in order to complete what their mission is, which is to create thought and discussion about these films and their meanings among those who choose to attend. These films are free for students.

After explanation and discussion, congress chose to table the matter until the following week’s meeting.

During the Nov. 30 meeting, the subject was revisited. The Edinboro Film Series went back through and adjusted their request after some suggestion and thought shared with them from EUSGA. Their new request was for $1,960, which resulted in more deliberation and discussion and was then approved by congress.

Tyler Jemetz, current director of finance for EUSGA, introduced congress to a work in progress idea that could possibly be implemented on campus, known as the Student Enrichment Committee.

Because there are leftover funds due to purposefully under budgeting each year for safe measure, they are left with a sum of money that can be used toward the creation of things such as this.

“The hope for the Student Enrichment Committee is to better Edinboro University for the students,” Jemetz explained. “It may create new programs or projects, or revitalize new ones; no matter the means, it’s the EUSGA investing in Edinboro. Our hope is to inspire innovative ideas and seek thoughtful ways to enable Edinboro to meet the needs of students,” Jemetz said.

Currently, congressmen play a big role in funding organizations, and this committee reportedly wouldn’t be taking away from that since congressmen would be somewhat of overseers of the organization and play a part in the committee.

In Jemetz’s plans, there would be eight administration members and six students, such that there are a “variety of perspectives” and thus helping the organization reach its “full potential and achieve its purpose.”

The birth of this committee will be further evaluated, edited and discussed and eventually voted upon by the EUSGA as to whether or not it will become an officially recognized organization here at EU.

Parliamentarian, Bethany Scott, presented a slight problem to congress during Monday’s meeting. Because there are currently so few congress members, and those who are a member are relatively new and do not meet the requirements to become EUSGA President, the organization has reached a dilemma.

Unless the criteria is altered or a loophole of some sort is found, members have to decide what the next step will be before the next election comes around.

As of now, there are six members who are able to run for president. This will be an ongoing discussion over winter break until a decision is reached.

Shaylee Dillen is a Senior Staff Writer for The Spectator.

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