Scots can’t outlast lightning, double overtime, lose Saturday

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Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 at 6:23 PM
Scots can’t outlast lightning, double overtime, lose Saturday by Erica Burkholder
Photo: Ben McCullough

The Edinboro women’s soccer team took East Stroudsburg to double overtime before falling 2-1 during their last home game of the season. 

The game faced multiple delays due to lightning. The game started late and was again paused 15 minutes into the first half due to lightning.

“It’s hard to go sit down and relax for 30 minutes and get up and play again, and go sit down, and it’s all warm in there and we come out and we’re all tight and lethargic,” Danielle Chatten said of the delays. “But I feel like we overcame that. It didn’t seem like it affected us much.”

“It’s kind of amazing,” Head Soccer Coach Gary Kagiavas said. “I went to the locker room to talk to them just before we were allowed to come out and they were upbeat.”

Chatten struck first for ‘Boro early in the 25th minute when she attempted a shot only to be blocked by the defense. On the rebound, though, the ball landed at her feet. 

“I first shot it, it hit someone and...then it went right to my feet again,” Chatten explained. “I touched it on the side, [and] I had a wide open shot which was awesome, doesn’t happen much in games with tough teams. I got lucky.” 

The half ended 1-0 in ‘Boro’s favor. 

The second half started with even more rain. East Stroudsburg would then score with a little less than 30 minutes left in the game. The Fighting Scots attempted to score throughout the rest of the half as the physicality picked up and the turf struggled to drain the rain that was still falling. 

About halfway through the half, Chatten was fouled and Mary Sinan took the free kick. The ball landed on goal with another Scot attempting to redirect it when the Warriors goalkeeper managed to boot it out of the box.

With less than 10 minutes left in the second, Chatten passed the ball to Rebecca Manns for another chance near the goal, but her shot went wide left. 

Ashley Bayer continued to push for another goal until the clock ran out, competing for a ball with an East Stroudsburg defensive player. 

The second half ended 1-1.

The first overtime had a few close calls. Anna Voelker made a save 2 minutes into overtime when a player came rushing for the ball. The ball wobbled as Voelker held on to keep the Scots in it. 

A few minutes later the Warriors broke through the defense. Voelker came out to stop the ball, wasn’t able to collect it and it rolled in front of an empty net where a Warrior was ready to take a shot. The defense came rushing through, stopping the attempt. 

The second overtime also had some close calls. A play that held promise was called offside on the Scots a few minutes into the period, but East Stroudsburg would score the winning goal with a little over 5 minutes left. The Warriors capitalized on a throw-in and a header that didn’t go as planned for the Scots with Philippa Borjesson ending up with the ball for a shot that snuck past Voelker’s reach. The game ended 2-1.

The physicality had picked up throughout the game with Chatten drawing at least two fouls from East Stroudsburg. 

“I just try to show her up in the game other than being chippy, because it does nothing for the team, so I just try to show her with soccer,” Chatten said of how she reacts to being fouled. 

As it was Edinboro’s last home game of the season, it was senior night. Halle Hammer, the team’s lone senior, was honored.

“Obviously it’s a heartbreaker, but I think it was the best game we played all season and one of the best teams [we played],” Chatten said. “They were really tough so I’m not really unhappy with it.”

Kagiavas said he knew the Warriors, who have won the conference for the past four years, would be a tough team for the young Scots to beat.

“I thought we played really well under difficult conditions,” he said. “If the weather was a bit better, I’m not sure it would have helped us more or them more, but I think we were good enough to compete with them today and play really well.”

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