Scots claim Boro Shootout title over Cavaliers

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Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 at 5:40 PM
Scots claim Boro Shootout title over Cavaliers by Erica Burkholder
Photo: Erica Burkholder

This past weekend, the Edinboro wheelchair basketball team won the Boro Shootout tournament hosted by the university.

Edinboro opened up the tournament and won against London on Saturday morning  with a score of 64-25. Boro started strong, both offensively and defensively. They were first to score and topped the Flyers, 36-8, in the first half. The Fighting Scots’ domination of the game would continue to the end. Ayuba Alli had 14 points and Kevin Atherley grabbed 10 rebounds in this game.

Edinboro then played the Charlottesville Cardinals. The Cardinals would open scoring in this game, but Edinboro would go on a streak soon after, bringing them to a lead of 20-4 before the end of the first half. Edinboro would win, 61-32.  In this game, Atherley scored 18 points, grabbed 7 rebounds and tallied 4 assists. Chayse Wolfe registered 14 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists. 

Edinboro finished the first day off with the Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers. Cleveland would take the lead at the half (26-21) and would continue to lead through the second. Edinboro was not able to overcome the scoring deficit, and Cleveland won 53-41. Alli scored 12 points and tallied 9 assists. 

On Sunday, Edinboro played Toronto. The Fighting Scots claimed a 15-5 lead in the first half and built off of that to end at 28-18 in the first. Toronto would attempt to comeback, but Edinboro would hold on to win, 56-42. Wolfe scored 17 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. 

In the second game between Edinboro and Toronto that day, Edinboro started off in the lead. This contest would decide which team played Cleveland in the championship game. Edinboro started on an 8-0 run, while leading at the half, 34-29. Toronto would once again attempt a comeback, but Edinboro would hold out to win 58-51. In this game, Alex Saleh scored 16 points, Alli scored 15 points and Atherley grabbed 14 rebounds and scored 9 points.  

Edinboro was second seed and played Cleveland again for the title. Edinboro would open up scoring, but this game would remain much closer than their previous matches. Edinboro led going into the half (18-13), and would hold the lead for most of the game. Cleveland would keep the game close, even overtaking Edinboro for a minute, but Edinboro pulled out a 40-39 victory as Cleveland scored a 3-pointer as the game ended. Wolfe scored 15 points and registered 10 rebounds for the double-double. Wolfe, Alli, Atherlwy and Will Speed played every minute of this game. 

“Awesome. Amazing. I loved it,” Edinboro’s Alex Saleh stated about his feelings of the tournament.

When asked about using losing to Cleveland the day before as motivation for this win, Saleh called it “one of the biggest factors.” He explained that Mike Adams, a former Edinboro player, playing for Cleveland was one of the other factors that motivated him.

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