Second Opinion: Zayn Malik's 'Mind of Mine'

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Thursday, March 31st, 2016 at 12:37 PM
Second Opinion: Zayn Malik's 'Mind of Mine' by Kimberly Firestine

Mind of Mine,” released on RCA Records, is 18 tracks of r&b slow jams and lackluster redundancy.

Aside from the lead single, “Pillowtalk,” which debuted with a music video Jan. 29 and went straight to number one on Billboard’s Hot 100, there aren’t many tracks that could be more than just radio filler. Half of the tracks on this album will be long forgotten a few months from now because there are so many and they all sound the same.

Almost every song centers around the same general theme: sex. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. More power to him. But the lack of diversity may be this album’s fatal flaw.

The best track on this record, the second to last one, titled “Like I Would,” has the most potential. It’s the most upbeat, shows some differentiation and it would be a shame if it wasn’t released as a single.

Another possible contender is “Fool For You,” but just as it grabs your attention the song ends and you fall back asleep. The ninth track, “Wrong,” follows the same manner. The addition of vocals from singersongwriter Kehlani nearly brings the first half of the album back to life.

“Mind of Mine” is a great album if you’re looking for something to put on as background music or something to fall asleep to. If one thing is to be said, it’s that 18 slow songs on one album is just too many. Perhaps Zayn would’ve benefited from saving some for his sophomore album and thrown something else on this one for a more diverse track list.

Hopefully he’ll learn from this album and be able to break out of his “I’m going to sing sadly about wanting to see girls naked for an entire album” phase and give us something of more substance next time.

Kimberly Firestine is a Senior Staff Writer for The Spectator.

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