Sen. Ted Cruz promises jobs at Erie rally

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Thursday, April 21st, 2016 at 9:25 AM
Sen. Ted Cruz promises jobs at Erie rally by Amelia Schmidt
Senator Ted Cruz discussed his plans to increase Pennsylvania employment at his recent Erie rally.

Jobs. Freedom. Security.

Republican presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz delivered his talking points on Wednesday to a packed crowd at Rainbow Gardens in Erie. In his 60-minute speech, Cruz outlined how his platform benefits Pennsylvania residents.

“We’re going to bring jobs back to Pennsylvania — the backbone of the middle class,” Cruz said.

Cruz’s job plan includes repealing the Affordable Care Act, while streamlining the healthcare system. His plan also includes an overhaul of the tax code by implementing a 10 percent flat tax, while also changing the filing process that would allow for Americans to file their taxes on a postcard. These changes would let a Cruz administration “Abolish the IRS.”

Cruz also promised to defend the rights of Pennsylvanians. One rally-goer, Erie-native Julie Marie Rieder, a registered Republican and Cruz supporter, says she supports the Texas senator because of his stance on constitutional rights.

“I suffered discrimination as an honors student in my undergrad,” Rieder said. “And he [Cruz] wouldn’t tolerate a breach of the federal government like that.”

In the part of his speech devoted to his proposed plans for the United States national security, Cruz emphasized the power of the U.S. military through history. He explained the Cold War as the complete defeat of the country’s Soviet enemy, and told the crowd he plans to use this strategy to address the security risks the country faces today.

“I intend to do the exact same thing with Islamic extremism,” Cruz said, adding that he would be a president that would use the controversial term.

The senator finished his talk by directly addressing his contest with current Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Cruz told the crowd Trump is the best GOP candidate if the GOP wants to lose. He said it can ensure a victory for the Democrats in November. He then called upon the members of his party to coalesce around so as to have a “Full spectrum” of conservative support.

“Jobs, Freedom, Security. It’s right on the sign,” Millcreek native Linda Renninger said in explaining her support for Cruz.

The Pennsylvania presidential primary will take place on April 26 along with primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island.

Amelia Schmidt is the Staff Writer for The Spectator.

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