Senior Athlete Spotlight: Bryson McLeod

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Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 at 5:44 PM

Bryson McLeod, of the Edinboro University wheelchair basketball team, has played the sport for over six years, including his time at Edinboro.

“I began playing wheelchair basketball at the age of 12,” said McLeod. “I was involved in other sports and wanted to test my talents in a new sport.”

For Edinboro’s wheelchair basketball team, he played positions such as shooting guard and point guard.

“I did not think back then that I would be playing wheelchair basketball now,” said McLeod. “I did so many other sports that I could not determine which one was my favorite.”

Alongside the people that he met at Edinboro, McLeod explained that he will miss his teammates as well. 

“I will miss the companionship and the traveling of collegiate basketball,” he said.

McLeod said the campus community was one of the major factors that drew him to attending the school.

“The relationship I formed with [Edinboro Head Wheelchair Basketball Coach Jim] Glatch, and the family atmosphere he brought not only on the court, but off the court as well [was important].” 

He used the word “excellent” to describe his time at Edinboro. 

“It meant a lot [to me] because of the different life experiences I went through, as well as the amazing people I have met,” he explained.

To current and future students at Edinboro, McLeod had this to say: “Don’t let anyone tell you something different than what you believe. The sky is the limit [and] don’t ever sell yourself short.”

He added, “To my coaches and team, I wish nothing but the best for your future, and for my [supporters], I want to thank you all for the support, it helped me achieve the goals I needed to achieve to become the individual I am today.”

Planning to graduate with a degree in psychology, McLeod has a plan for after he graduates. 

“I want to work in my community and help it become more successful,” he explained. 

He mentioned that whether in the states or overseas he plans to continue playing wheelchair basketball after he graduates.

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