Senior Athlete Spotlight: Eric Marks

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Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 at 6:10 PM

“I have loved my time here at Edinboro, even though the winter might seem never-ending and you never know when you will see the sun again. I loved being a part of the campus and the swimming team,” senior Eric Marks of the men’s swimming team said, reminiscing. “I will always look at Edinboro and smile about all of the good times that I have had here.”

Marks will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in environmental geology, along with minors in geography and in geographic information systems. 

“Swimming to me is one of the most demanding sports,” Marks explained. 

“I was told once that you use every single muscle in your body just to do a single stroke, so imagine that for 14 strokes per 25 yards and a couple thousand yards every single day, it is very strenuous.” 

He began his swimming career in middle school. 

“My mother, being a previous swimmer in high school, thought it would be a great way for my sister and I to meet new people and get some exercise,” stated Marks. When he began swimming, he did not believe that he would swim at a collegiate level, though. “I was just swimming for my friends and for the team.”

“Coach Rhodes (Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach Chris Rhodes) reached out to me my senior year of high school and asked if I wanted to swim for him [and] the rest is history,” he said.

Marks said the geology program, the professors, the pleasant people at the university and Rhodes’ kindness were factors in his decision to attend school at Edinboro.

“I will miss the family atmosphere that I feel when I am on campus and all of my friends that I have made over the past four years here,” he added.

Marks said of his parents: “I would not have made it this far without their love and support,” he said. “They always made me happy even if I did not swim my fastest, and were always there for me.” 

He plans to continue to swim after taking some time off to rest his shoulder, and after graduation Marks plans to go into a career in the field of geographical information systems. 

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