Senior Athlete Spotlight: Erin O'Brien

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Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 at 6:01 PM

Erin O’Brien of the Edinboro track and field team has been running since she was in high school. This was where she noticed she excelled in the sport. 

“It was always an ambition of mine to play at the collegiate level,” O’Brien recalled. 

“I toured a lot of other campuses, but Edinboro just felt right to me,” she said. “The beautiful campus, the small class sizes. And the team was really welcoming to me on my visits.”

O’Brien went on to explain that the location of Edinboro was also a good fit for her; it was close enough that her biggest supporters —her parents — could travel from her home in Buffalo.

In her athletic career at Edinboro, O’Brien has recorded personal records throughout her four years. In her academic career, she is working towards a forensic chemistry degree.

“Playing a sport and balancing a rigorous major like chemistry is certainly difficult, and at times stressful, but it was all worth it because of my love for competing,” she explained.

“Track is different than a lot of other sports because it is so individual,” she said. “You have to think about how much sleep you’re getting, what time and what you’re eating, because it highly impacts your performance more so than in any other sport.”

Although O’Brien plans to graduate from Edinboro in the next few weeks, she will continue her education and go on to attend law school next fall. She also plans to keep running after she graduates. 

“I will always run, hopefully for the rest of my life, but I will no longer hurdle.” She went on, “I’ll transition into lifestyle running, with longer distances and the occasional 5K race.”

For current and future Fighting Scot athletes, O’Brien preaches a message of perseverance.

“Always persevere and fight through adversity, whether it be athletically, personally or academically; overcoming obstacles is what makes you a stronger and overall better person,” she said.  

“Unforgettable,” is how O’Brien described her Edinboro career. 

“I have met the greatest people here, and I will miss them as well as the amazing memories I have made here.”

“Edinboro is my second home and I will always see it that way.”

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