Senior Athlete Spotlight: Jaymon Mason

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Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 at 5:10 PM
Senior Athlete Spotlight: Jaymon Mason by Madi Gross
Photo: Madi Gross

Edinboro native Jaymon Mason began playing basketball at the age of 3. 

“My father influenced me into playing,” Mason stated. He sported the number five on his jersey throughout his career at Edinboro and played as point guard and shooting guard. 

He went on to explain why he chose to attend Edinboro: “I thought Edinboro gave me the greatest opportunity.” He also credited part of his attending Edinboro to the fact that his father attended the university. Many members of Mason’s family played sports, and that helped his confidence in his ability to play at a collegiate level. 

This season, Mason hit a career 2,000 points during the PSAC semifinal game against East Stroudsburg University. Not only that, but he also broke an Edinboro University record for scoring that his father Tyrone Mason held before him. Jaymon also sits on Edinboro’s leader board for several other categories. 

“[It] means a lot,” Mason said in regards to his time at Edinboro. He continued: “I believe I left my mark here at the university and I am so blessed to have [had] the chance to play here,” he said.

Mason, working towards a sports administration degree, hopes to continue playing basketball and go on to play at a professional level. 

For potential or current athletes, Mason had this to say: “Always go hard no matter what; anything can happen at any time.” 

He explained that he will miss playing with his teammates from throughout his years at Edinboro. “It sucks for it to end, but I had a great run with my teammates and will never forget these moments.” 

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