SGA Election Day: Presidential Candidates Ask for Student Votes

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Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 at 11:48 PM
SGA Election Day: Presidential Candidates Ask for Student Votes by Dakota Palmer
Pictured above, Lauren Pierson and Antoinette Jackson are running for SGA president. Students can cast their vote from April 6-8 on BoroSync.

This week, the Edinboro student body will be able to vote for a new president of the Edinboro University Student Government Association (EUSGA). The two candidates running are sophomore Antoinette Jackson and junior Lauren Pierson.

Jackson has been a member of congress in EUSGA for two semesters. She has served on committees and is currently the secretary. An Ashtabula, Ohio native, Jackson is a business administration major with a concentration in forensic accounting and personal finance.

In addition, Jackson is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho, Alpha Kappa Psi, EUP Pipes and Drums, the Robert C. Weber Honors Program, the Highland Ambassadors, Black Student Union Association and the Business and Economics Club.

When asked about her qualifications, Jackson replied, “Though I have only been in SGA for two semesters, I have gained a lot of experience in university functions through my involvement in this organization and others. I am a very motivated, hard worker and I have a great vision of what SGA could be.”

“I am a very involved student on campus,” she continued. “I’m a member of many clubs, which has allowed me to gain a lot of knowledge of the workings at Edinboro. I am used to leadership positions, but I am also humble and take criticism well. We have a lot of work to do on our student government, but we are taking steps in the right direction and I believe under my leadership, this would continue.”

Pierson has been a member of congress in EUSGA for three semesters. She has served on various committees throughout her time in EUSGA. Pierson is from Erie and majors in political science with a concentration in international affairs.

Pierson is a member of Model United Nations, Highland Swing, the Robert C. Weber Honors Program and Residence Life and Housing, in addition to her activities with SGA.

“I am qualified because I have the most experience in SGA. I have sat on all committees, excluding the finance committee,” Pierson said. “My platform calls for transparency and accountability of SGA in all operations, a higher involvement of congress members into the affairs of SGA, the expansion of SGA’s congress to fairly represent the student body, along with other ideas that can be found on my campaign Facebook page.”

Pierson added, “I plan to bring SGA out of the ashes. SGA will be more transparent and accountable for all matters. I, along with my executive board will grow congress to fairly represent the student body. I will take away the negative stigma that goes along with SGA’s name. I also plan to combine all information in one place for clubs and organizations to improve and ease the process of working with SGA. And finally, I plan to increase our school spirit. It is time that Edinboro is proud to wear Royal Stewart.”

EUSGA has held different events in order for the student body to get to know the candidates. Junior Raven Jones said she has been minimally following the campaign, but she attended one the events the candidates were holding and was able to talk to each one individually. Jones also follows both of their Facebook pages to stay updated.

She said, “I want someone who has the students’ best interest at heart. Additionally, communication is important to me. I’ve been at Edinboro for three years and know so little about SGA. I’d like to see more open conversation with the student body explaining what SGA is really about.”

Freshman Jessica Swanson has not been closely monitoring the election but knows she wants “an SGA president that has a strong knowledge of the university, goals to make the school a better place, a caring heart and motivation to strive farther than what is expected from them.”

She continued, “I would also like to see SGA hold activities that people would be interested in such as more trips or themed activities or dances.”

Current EUSGA president William Galt has learned many lessons from his time as president. The most important is “this university, like all others, is endlessly complicated.” He said, “There is no one right way or correct answer; you can never be completely right or wrong.”

He also said, “The best advice I can give to a future SGA president would be to embrace the university administration and strategic plan. If the SGA works in conjunction with the university, we can make Edinboro a better place for its student body.”

Finally Galt said, “This election is so important because SGA is going through major structural changes under my administration and the next president will be tasked with the execution of these changes. If these changes are executed as they are intended, the SGA will be a much more representational body.”

Both candidates have stated they want their voters to be informed and get out and vote.

Students will be able to vote from April 6-8 on BoroSync.

Dakota Palmer is Online Editor for The Spectator.

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