SGA gives shooting sports club recognition

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Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 at 9:32 PM

This week’s EUSGA meeting opened with a representative from the Edinboro University Shooting Sports Club presenting in front of congress to request official EUSGA recognition of their club.

The goal of the club is to teach people about and practice archery in safe environments, both indoor and outdoor. Forty students are currently members of the Shooting Sports Club. Congress passed this motion.

Lauren Pierson, EUSGA member and also a member of a now recognized group, stood before her fellow congressmen to request official recognition.

Congress’ motion to approve Highland Swing, a group of around 20 members who meet for lessons and social dancing, was also passed. The group meets on campus, as well as attends events where they can practice and enjoy dances originating from the 1920s to the 1950s, including the “Lindy Hop,” the “Jitterbug,” and Charleston style dances.

“I am very excited that Highland Swing is recognized. I think this club is great for our campus and it will bring a great option to destress and meet new people in a unique way,” Pierson explained.

Illustration club proposed their request next for funding from EUSGA to take a trip to Chicago from Oct. 23-25.

During these days, the club will attend an interactive art exhibit, titled “Activate”; this is a large exhibit along the streets of Chicago that is a one-time only event where over 143 artists will be displaying their work.

Along with this exhibit, they will explore other galleries and art shows in the city. The club explained how “special this experience would be to them along with the networking opportunities it would provide,” all while positively representing Edinboro University.

Additionally, the club will get the opportunity to interact one on one with famous illustrator, Jay Ryan.

After much discussion and a torn congress, illustration club was given $1,500 to complete their trip.

Next, the equestrian team asked EUSGA to grant them some extra money to make up for the funds they feel they are lacking due to their current budget.

Over the last academic year, the team has increased in membership, from five members to the current 19. Thus, their budget was enough for the five members, but not for the 19.

The team members broke down the expenses of shows, lessons and competitions, and after examining the numbers, congress allotted the equestrian team $5,742.84 to fill the gap they feel they have.

Photography club president, Ashley Stone, represented the club before congress during this week’s meeting to explain their need for funding to attend a trip to Las Vegas from March 10-13 to the Society for Photographic Education (SPE).

There, the club will go to industry related seminars and have the opportunity to network with professionals. Congress awarded the club $7,130 to go on their trip.

Finally, the EUSGA made the decision to be a sponsor of this year’s New York City trip, as well as agreeing to donate $7,040. The tickets will be sold at $30.00 a piece and will be available Nov. 1 at 11 a.m. to students.

Closing out the meeting, four new members were officially sworn into EUSGA and the meeting ended with a congratulatory applause.

Shaylee Dillen is a Senior Staff Writer for The Spectator. 

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