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Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 at 5:23 PM

Oct. 2

At the Edinboro University Student Government Association (EUSGA) meeting on Oct. 2, Eric Sheppard, associate vice president for financial operations at Edinboro and university supervisor to the EUSGA, said the equivalent of 3,788 students paid the student activity fee for the fall 2017 semester. 

According to Sheppard, the student activity fee, which was $225 this semester, is allocated to several different places. An amount of 2.5 percent goes toward the weight room debt service, nearly 7 percent goes toward the diversity and inclusion position, 33 percent goes toward the athletic administration and 58 percent goes to SGA.  

The presentation packet also contained demographics for number of enrolled students, university housing and meal plans.

The number of enrolled students at Edinboro has changed drastically since fall 2013, when the enrollment headcount was 7,098 students. In fall 2016, that number was 6,181 and fell to 5,575 in fall 2017, a 9.4 percent decrease over the year.

Similarly, the university housing and meal plan trends have been moving downward. In fall 2013, 2,136 students lived in the university housing. In fall 2016, 1,750 students lived there, compared to 1,395 students this fall, which indicates a 25.4 percent decrease.

Additionally, there were 2,639 meal plan sales in fall 2013 (about $3.6 million in revenue). There were 2,097 plan sales in fall 2016 ($3 million in revenue) and 1,720 sales this fall ($2.6 million in revenue), indicating a 19.3 percent decrease from 2016.

Oct. 23

At the EUSGA meeting on Oct. 23, the Vice President of Finance Matthew Russell said the finance committee is now non-functioning because of a lack of members. Russell also said there is $26,267.93 left in the general funds account that originally had $45,000 for this semester. 

The Business and Economics Club asked for $4,336.14 for the Financial Planning Association Conference in Nashville they attended from Oct. 2-4. During the conference, the students attended lectures, knowledge circles and NextGen sessions. The $4,336.14 was for gas, hotel and conference fee expenses.

EUSGA approved a motion to give the club $4,137.30 under caps. 

EUSGA held the rest of the meeting privately due to an error in quorum. 

The organization revealed to The Spectator after the meeting that they gave $670 to the Health and Physical Education Club and  $1,152.56 to Triathlon Club. 

After Monday’s meeting, the total in the general funds account is $20,339.07 for the fall semester.

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