SGA tackles upcoming changes, elections, club representation

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Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 at 9:31 PM
SGA tackles upcoming changes, elections, club representation  by Shayma Musa
Photo: Livia Homerski

The Edinboro University Student Government Association (EUSGA) met for the first time this semester on Wednesday, Jan. 29 at 6 p.m. in Compton 107A. The meeting marked the first step in what interim president Nick Helfer called, “big changes [for SGA] as we move forward.”

The meeting began with Helfer reflecting on SGA’s reputation on campus. “As some of you know, the executive board met before the semester began in order to discuss key issues impacting SGA and how we can improve,” he said. “Some structural changes we will be making are centered around communication. To help with that, we will be posting the meeting minutes after each meeting to EngageEU.”

Finance Director Logan Watson also spoke about the funding that EUSGA takes on, along with ways one could help. “When we are making decisions, it is stressful to be the voice for an entire campus.”

He specifically talked about the finance committee, which approves or rejects budgets. “We asked for people to sit on that committee, but no one stepped forward. So it was only myself and Leslie (former SGA director of operations) making budget decisions for an entire campus.”

In addition, Watson emphasized that joining EUSGA committees was an important part of making sure that all parties on campus are equally represented.

A concern raised early in the meeting dealt with confusion around travel grants, which EUSGA previously handled. The deans of the various academic colleges now distribute the funds. Watson clarified, saying, “Travel requests that were not deemed educational by the deans, at least for this semester, will not be granted by SGA.”

Watson was referencing organizations who had been rejected by their deans, and in turn submitted an application to EUSGA hoping that they would approve.

Another announced change mandates that two upperclass members of every EUSGA-approved club must attend every congress meeting. This decision is actually the enforcement of an already existing bylaw.

Helfer said of the change: “If there is no representation at one meeting, the organization will be given a warning; if they miss a second meeting, SGA will temporarily halt the organization’s usage of the SGA budget and auxiliary services such as renting space on campus. A third warning will result in a complete halt in funding.”

According to Helfer, this bylaw has been in place for the duration of EUSGA’s existence, however this executive board has decided to uphold it going forward. Joining EUSGA’s congress, which is the position these attendees will occupy, also comes with the following incentives:
— Priority scheduling.
— Voting rights for your organization.
— Consideration for the McNerney Scholarship.
— C-store discount.
— 20% discount for the merchant bookstore.

Additionally, the parliamentarian, vice president and president positions will be filled by an emergency election. The application to apply for these positions is currently open on EngageEU. A “meet the candidates” event will be held on Feb 6. in Pogue MPR at 6 p.m.

Voting will end on Feb 12., and the winners will be inducted at that night’s meeting.

The theme and date for this spring’s major EUSGA event was also announced. The theme will be Earth Day and it will take place on April 22. The event is still in the planning stages and has not been promoted to the general student body yet.

EUSGA will meet again Wednesday, Feb. 12 at 6 p.m. in Compton 107A.

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