SGA-funded improvements detailed this week

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Thursday, April 14th, 2016 at 1:06 PM
SGA-funded improvements detailed this week by Andy Vest

This past Monday, the Edinboro University Student Government Association (EUSGA) went over the final 25 requests that would receive funds from the $1 million SGA had to benefit students across campus. Congress voted in favor and passed all 25 requests.

Requests to upgrade the Wi-Fi in the Highlands, the Baron-Forness library, and Frank G. Pogue Student Center were on the list that congress was in favor of approving. The Highlands Wi-Fi upgrade is the single most expensive request that was approved.

Besides Wi-Fi, other upgrades were approved for Pogue. Replacement of weights, treadmills and the elliptical equipment were approved. The big box TVs and any others that don’t work will also be replaced.

Also approved was a two-way communication system upgrade for Pogue, as well as multimedia upgrades that will make rooms like 303B more technology-ready. Pogue theater upgrades, in order to receive a better projector, lens and an updated podium, were passed.

The Digital Signage Solution is a passed request that will link all the TVs on campus together. This will allow SGA and other organizations to televise any critical meetings or to use the system for advertising and emergency alerts.

Funds were approved to replace the 28-year-old scoreboard in McComb with a new one that will hang from the ceiling. The hope is that this will help with advertising and raising school spirit.

Other requests passed will benefit the athletic department. These include video streaming cameras that will allow games to be streamed live (especially away games), an upgrade to the Sox Harrison public address system, an athletic travel field case for students who become injured on the field, and outside basketball courts. Possible locations for the basketball courts is near the volleyball court or near Highlands 7 and 8.  

A request for the library to obtain 10 Chrome Books students will be able to rent out was passed, as well as updated furniture on the east side of the building.   

Another passed upgrade will give doctors and nurses in Ghering Health and Wellness Center seven tablets. According to the pitch, tablets have become a new standard in health care, allowing for easier and quicker access to patient files.

A request to replace the lights and to obtain a media update for a better projector and new lens in Cole Auditorium was also passed.

Also, OSD was approved for two new vans that will allow room for more students, as some of the older ones are reaching 200,000 miles. Crawford will also receive an accessible recumbent cross trainer, a physical training device, and an Apex Challenge Circuit machine for students with disabilities.

Two more requests were passed, to receive a 4K Sony Camcorder, as long as students will have access, and a police K9 vehicle that will allow the police’s K9, Benno, to be able to ride safely in the back.

The final item passed was for $6,000 to be set aside for plaques across campus, which will show all of these requests were granted by the 2016 edition of EUSGA. The purpose of this is to spread more awareness of the organization.

SGA Finance Director Tyler Jemetz addressed the funding for the plaques, by saying, “Labeling like this is standard, especially if you’re donating $10,000-$100,000 to numerous projects.”

The total estimated funds of all 25 requests came to $995,691.41.

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