Soccer beats Cal’s stifling defense in 1-0 victory

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 at 9:30 PM
Soccer beats Cal’s stifling defense in 1-0 victory by Michael McLaughlin
Photo: Edinboro Sports Information

Following their first loss of the season the women’s soccer team edged out California University (Pa.) with a 1-0 win Wednesday evening. 

Freshman Sidney Dobbins scored her first career goal at 73:20 with a shot from 20 yards out that the goalie, Meghan Jayes, misplayed, resulting in the score. 

The Vulcans played a very defensive game, trying to keep seven or eight players behind the ball at all times. This style of play made it difficult for Edinboro to get any quality shots on net.

“They allow us to shoot from far out, but they won’t allow you to try and get in behind them. It makes it easier to maintain possession, but makes it extremely difficult to score,” head coach Gary Kagiavas said. 

Kagiavas said they trained for two days prior to the game, so they were prepared to go against Cal’s specific style of play.

Edinboro led the shot category, 20-2, but most of those came from 18, or more yards out. 

“We had two or three decent chances; we could have done better. One was the offside goal we scored, they disallowed it, but we should have done better on that one,” Kagiavas said. 

He noted that Cal’s keeper is one of the best in the conference and that they try to get draw games against the better teams and win by one goal against the weaker teams. Most of Cal’s losses have been by one goal. 

If the offside goal would have counted, Kagiavas believed they could have had a bigger margin of victory because it would have forced Cal’s team to come out more. 

“The longer the game goes on, the more frustrated we become. The more they believe they have a chance to beat us and [then] they play harder,” Kagiavas said.

The defense didn’t have much of a challenge because Cal usually only played one player up throughout the game. Cal’s offensive objective was to try to get a goal past Sarah Baskey, while playing well enough defensively, so that Edinboro would not be able to get the ball past their defenders and goaltender. 

Kagiavas compared the game to a game of basketball with no shot clock. They were able to keep the ball, but wouldn’t shoot due to the lack of quality opportunities. 

Baskey did not have to make a save in the game, but picked up her third shutout victory of the season. 

Kagiavas recorded his 199th victory as head coach of the team. 

Michael McLaughlin is a sports editor for The Spectator. He can be reached at

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