Songs that make me Happy: Vol. 1

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Friday, October 4th, 2019 at 11:15 AM

With the world being as crazy and chaotic as it is, we need simple things to make us happy. Music is one of my favorite ways to improve my mood. I also want to give that back to other people, so with that I give you five songs that make me smile.

The Beatles — “Penny Lane”
This is the only song that could be playing at any time and still bring me endless joy. When it plays, there is this spiritual lift that happens. The world around me becomes brighter and somehow more beautiful. It inspires you to take everything in a little more. It also makes me think of my mom. I know it makes her happy too. It’s just been ingrained in me as a person to love this song. I can’t even remember the first time I heard it, “Penny Lane” has just always been there. It’s a really good, upbeat, pretty song that brings me endless joy.

Lizzo — “Good as Hell”
I mean, the hook to the song is Lizzo saying “I’m feeling good as hell,” so it’s pretty much programmed to make you smile. The song is also such a female empowerment anthem. It makes me want to yell at a mansplainer and I love it. I would highly recommend it for anyone who just went through a breakup; it’d be an amazing pick-me-up. It also just makes you walk a little taller when you walk into a room. So, if you need a confidence boost, look no further.

The Kinks — “Better Things”
This is my one of my dad’s favorite songs. He came out of his room one day recently and said “hey guys, check out this song” and played this one. We danced in our kitchen and I loved it. He was so surprised when I knew it already. It’s what I like to call a “road trip deep cut.” It’s another one that I had heard, but only vaguely remember listening to in the backseat of a minivan. “Better Things” makes me smile because of the family connection and the message. It’s a message of wishing someone good and positivity in their life after a time of tragedy. The hook is “I hope tomorrow you find better things,” which is a really beautiful thing to want for someone.

Surfaces — “Sunday Best”
My younger brother introduced me to this song. Usually, I don’t love his music taste, but this one is good. It’s fun, dance-able and a great car jam. The chorus comes in and puts you in a great mood. Then the line “everyone falls down sometimes” comes in and when you’re in the right space to feel it, your mood is changed instantly. It’ll make you feel really good about your life.

Frank Sinatra — “You Make Me Feel So Young”
This song is what Christmas sounds like to me. It’s featured in “Elf” at the perfect moment and it makes the scene absolutely perfect. The opening horn section is also incredibly well composed. There is something about the way it was recorded combined with Sinatra’s voice that puts you right into the 1950s. If you want a vintage vibe, this song does it really well. Also it’s a great song if you’re ever in a car with an older, more conservative relative and need a safe song to play.

Those were some of my favorite songs when I need a little boost. I hope I helped you all find your new jam.

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