Spectator Music explores Hippo Campus

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Saturday, September 10th, 2016 at 12:03 PM
Spectator Music explores Hippo Campus by Rick Chernicky

Hippo Campus is relatively new to the music industry. Formed in 2013, they are not to be underestimated. They’ll be touring with Saint Motel from Oct 16 through Oct 28. The tour will take place in mainly the eastern and southern regions of the country, ranging from Massachusetts to Louisiana. After their tour in October, the band will hit the road again in the Spring months followed by a smaller tour in June. They’ve released two EP’s thus far, and have hinted the release of another album at their latest concert in Pittsburgh of August 2016. 

They just look like a bunch punks don’t they? Wrong. These guys deliver a unique sound that tickles your ear drums and invoke goosebumps. Their music is intellectual, groovy, hypnotizing, peaceful and modern. The group’s sound is almost similar to Vampire Weekend’s style, yet grungier and less religious. They’re a blast to see in concert, and a riot to listen to even when they’re delivering witty jokes to transition songs. These guys truly represent authenticity and pop culture. 

Their songs “South” and “Suicide Saturday” from the albums “South” and “Bashful Creatures” are probably their most striking to listen to. Their song “South” sends a nostalgic feeling to the core of your body, surfacing your emotions to the world; leaving you aching to hear more of what these intellectuals have to offer. It’s one of those songs you have to listen to alone while laying flat on your back to truly get the full experience. “Suicide Saturday” is more of an upbeat tune that makes the listener want to forget about the past while acknowledging the idea that it might not be as easy for the other person involved to simply let go. The song sends a careless vibe that displays artistic excitement through the upbeat tempo. In Contrast to “South,” “Suicide Saturday” is a fun loving tune that you and your friends can get down to while simply kicking back. The song is exotic in delivery and easy on the ears. You could even listen to it with your family and probably still have fun. The beauty of Hippo Campus is that they don’t need excessive cursing to assert their dominance. Anyone can enjoy them. 

The band is originally from St. Paul, Minnesota and is currently signed to Transgressive Records in the UK and Grand Jury Records in the United States. Hippo Campus has Jake Luppen and Nathan Stocker on vocals and guitar, Zach Sutton on bass and Whistler Allen on vocals and guitar. Together, they are earth shattering. Although the group is predominantly dominated by guitars, it almost sounds as if they are constantly using a multitude of instruments. Their sound is powerful, illustrative and large. Their stage presence is just as powerful; the band is always having fun. Their creative fashion and mix of jumping up and down on stage creates the aura of being young and expressive. If you’re looking for all around good vibes then Hippo Campus is your band. 

Rick Chernicky is a contributing writer for The Spectator.

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